*Come work on basic gymnastics positions with Dani this Sunday, the 9th from 9-10 AM in the back room. No sign-up required.


1a) 0:00 – 8:00 – Every 2:00 x 4 sets – Pendlay Row:

8 @ 65%

8 @ 70%

6 @ 80%

6 @ 85%

Warm-up as needed. Make sure you are using percentages of what we tested, not some goal you want down the road. Control the bar back to the floor and set the bar dead on the floor each rep. 

1b) 8:00 – 16:00 – Every 2:00 x 4 sets: 5-10 Close Grip Chin-ups

Add loading/assistance as deemed fit. Hands should be no wider than 12″ between your pinky fingers. Keep the movement strict/

1c) 16:00 – 20:00 – 4 minute AMRAP: Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch High-Pulls in 10 Rep Sets

Goal for this is to start developing the High-Pull of the Kettlebell Snatch. Initiate like a single arm swing, but then pull through so the bell travels up to the chest/shoulder area. Goal stimulus for this piece is to pick a loading that allows you to perform this for 4 minutes straight, switching hands/sides every 10 reps.

2) AQAP:

21-15-9-15-21 Wall Balls 20/14

15-12-9-12-15 Toes-to-bar

Scale as needed.

Extra Work:

3) Low Cable Rope Bicep Curl: 3 sets of 20

Rest 90-120 seconds between sets. Focus on position and contraction, not loading.

4) Band Pull-Aparts: 100 Reps

Switch between over and underhand every 10 reps. Focus on position and activation, not speed.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE