*CVCF Gym Update 3/23/20 HERE


1a) Warm-up – Passive:

1 minute 90 to 90 Rotations

1 minute Cat/Cow

1 minute/side Quad Thoracic Rotations

Spend more time stretching as needed, if you’ve got specific tight areas spend some time addressing them.

1b) Warm-up – Active – 5 rounds of :40 ON/:20 OFF:

Prone Snow Angels


Max reps for quality, not for speed. Use this to get positions and muscle warmed-up.

2a) Strength/Accessory Work – 3 rounds for Quality:

5/Position Quad YAT

10 Donkey Kick Backs

10 Prone Shoulder Row + External Rotation on Table w/Household Item

Not a rush to get through these. Focus on position and activation of these movements and take your time with them, making them as difficult as possible by adjusting speed of the movement based on your abilities.

2b) Strength/Accessory Work – 5 sets of:

10 Tempo (2.1.0) Dumbbell Bench Press

10/side Tempo (0.1.2) Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Scale reps as needed based on the Dumbbell weight you have, you may need to do more reps, or less as needed. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Perform the movements back-to-back as a Superset.

3) Gymnastics/Skill Work: 5 sets of 10 Table/Tailgate Rows @ Tempo (2.2.2)

Rest 2 minutes between sets. Hold as close as you can to the Tempo.

4) Met-con – 30 minute AMRAP @ Moderate Pace:

50 Jumping Jacks

40 Dumbbell Swings

30 Box/Bench/Couch/Stair Step-ups

20 V-Ups

Workouts from the last couple of days as well as Friday and Saturday were higher effort. Approach today’s piece at a more moderate pace. The focus should be on steady state movement, focusing on your breathing through the movements, and never letting your breathing get to the point where it’s forcing you to rest.

5) Secondary Conditioning: 20-30 minutes Easy Run/Machine Nasal Breathing Only

Easy-to-Moderate Pace, Zone 2 for those who are into heart rate monitors.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE