*The State of CVCF 2020 Address HERE

**New Programming Blocks start today. As we jump into this we strongly encourage you all to pick a block of programming and stick with it. We will be working through a 12 week block of work, so plan to stay put for 12 weeks. As always you can scale up and down as needed for the Met-cons but we encourage you to stick with a Strength/Accessory platform for the next 12 weeks. For the Power programming we will be working through a block of percentage work. You’ll test all your movements this week for baseline, and then work through 11 weeks of percentage work…many like this regimented percentage work, while others don’t. Pick what is appropriate for you, what addresses your goals, and also keeps you interested and having fun.


1) 20 minute EMOTM:

A – 4-6/side Kettlebell Windmill

B – 20-30 Bench Ski Jumpers

C – 10-15 Slam Ball Throw Over Pull-up Bar

D – 100ft D-Ball Bear Carry

For all movements pick loads/reps that you can maintain for the course of the 5 cycles. Make sure to load heavy enough on the D-Ball Carry to make it tough…if you can pick it up, you can probably carry it for 100ft.

2) AQAP – :20 ON/:10 OFF Until Complete

50 Abmat Sit-ups

40 Dumbbell Thrusters 25/15

30 Push-ups

20 Burpees

Scale as needed. Work during the 20 seconds on, rest during the 10 seconds off. Continue this interval pattern of work/rest until you’ve completed the entire workout.

Extra Work:

3) Active Hollow Hang From Pull-up Bar: 10 x 10-20 seconds

Rest 30-60 seconds between sets. Focus on good active shoulders, and actually getting Hollow, not just engaging your hip flexors and lifting your legs a little.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE