1a) Warm-up – Passive:

1 minute/side Lateral Lunge Hold

1 minute Hands Behind Back Wall Lat Stretch

1 minute Table Top Hold

Take your time working into positions and spend more time as needed in any of the positions.

1b) Warm-up – Active – 3 rounds of:

10/side Alternating Quad Stretch

10/side Alternating Scorpions

10 Tuck Crunches

Focus on positions and quality of movement, not speed.

2a) Strength/Volume/Rep Work – 10 minute AMRAP:

30 second Active Squat Hold w/Dumbbell in Goblet Position

10 Single Leg Glute Bridge-ups w/Pause

10 Hollow Rocks

Focus on positions, holds, and activation throughout the movements.

2b) Strength/Volume/Rep Work – 5 sets of:

10 Dumbbell Suit-Case Deadlifts Left

50ft Dumbbell Suit-Case Farmers Carry Left

10 Dumbbell Suit-Case Deadlifts Right

50ft Dumbbell Suit-Case Farmers Carry Right

Rest 2 minutes between sets. Perform this as an unbroken complex. Especially if you don’t have anything heavier really use this as an opportunity to focus on your posture and scapular position as you carry.

3) Gymnastics/Skill – 5 sets of: 30 seconds/side Side Plank Hold

Goal is to perform this with no rest anywhere, keeping switching back and forth from one side to another. Keep the hips in and stacked, focus on maintaining a nice straight body.

4) Met-con – Every 5:00 x 4 sets:

10 Push-ups

20 Dumbbell Goblet Squats

30 Alternating Bench/Box Pistol Squats

If you’re not comfortable with the Pistol Squats or the Box is way to high for you scale to an alternating lunge.

5) Accessory – 5 rounds of:

10 Dumbbell Goblet Box Step-ups

20 Tuck Crunches

30 Good Mornings

No load for the Good Mornings. Not for time, for quality.

6) Secondary Conditioning – Machine or Run:

A) 10 Minute Warm Up – Slowly get your heart rate up

B) 5×3 Minutes Max Distance -2 Minutes Rest Between

C) Complete the highest amount of meters from B for time.

D) 5 Minute Cool Down

For Part B focus on max output with a focus on maintainable output across the 5 sets.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE









Optional Cardio

Workout Demo + Post Workout Thoughts