*For Thanksgiving Week please be aware of the following schedule changes…

  • Wednesday, November 27th, 4:15, 5:30, and 6:40 PM Classes Cancelled (CVCF will close at 1:30 after the Noon Class)

  • Thursday, November 28th, ONE CLASS ONLY @ 9:00 AM

  • Friday, November 29th, 8:00 AM BURN CLASS ONLY, Open Gym from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


1a) 0:00 – 9:00 – 9 minute EMOTM:

1 – 5/side Single Arm Dumbbell Z-Press

2 – 5/side Single Arm Dumbbell Upright Row

3 – 20-30 Banded Glute Bridge-ups

Pick loads that are moderate that you can maintain. Use this as warm-up and activation work.

1b) 9:00 – 21:00 – Every 2:00 x 6 sets:

5 Pause Dumbbell Bench Press +

20 Bent Over Reverse Dumbbell Flys

Bench Press build as heavy as deemed fit. Pause at the chest for 2-3 seconds each rep. For Bent Over Reverse Flys focus on maintaining a good bent over position to work your erectors and hamstrings…get those scaps set back and down. Keep loading light-to-moderate, use a weight you can do strict for 10-15 reps, and then use your hips a little as needed to finish the reps out.

1c) 22:00 – 30:00 – 8 minute AMRAP:

5/side Shovel Deadlifts

30 seconds/side Star Plank

5/side Shovel Bent-Over Rows

15 Superman Arch-ups

AMRAP for quality, not for time. Pick a moderate weight for the shovel Deadlifts, if you’re not a strong athlete use a trainer bar so that you can still put a 10lb plate on the side. Bent Over Rows performed as normal just with the “shovel” Barbell.

1d) 31:00 – 40:00 – 9 minute EMOTM:

1 – 5/side Dumbbell Front Rack + Farmers Bulgarian Split Squats

2 – 5-10 Handstand Lowers

3 – 8-15 Bench Dips

Bulgarian Splits squats are 1 Dumbbell at Front Rack and 1 Dumbbell at Farmers Position. If the Bulgarian position is too difficult for you, perform a traditional Split Squat instead. Handstand Lowers focus is slow as possible down. If you have Strict Handstand Push-ups feel free to do them instead. For Bench Dips if you want them more difficult put your feet on a box and weight on your lap.

Extra Work:

2) Duall Kettlebell Front Rack Hold: 3 x 1 minute

Rest 60 seconds between sets. Work as heavy as possible.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE