When we make a shift in the programming we always try and let you all know. While none of these changes are drastic we just wanted to give you a little heads up on some changes to the programming for the next 8-12 weeks.


This is where we will see our most drastic change in the programming. Yes, we’re still squatting on Monday’s, but we’re going to be working into something very different. Our change to Monday’s is a jump to something we’ve never truly focused on in our daily classes. We’ve done this type of work in our competition programming, but have shied away from doing it in our daily classes as it’s a little more complicated and requires a bit more organization.

We’re confident that we and all of you can make this work and get a fantastic stimulus in your training as well give you all something new and interesting to work with. We will be focusing on speed and power endurance combined within a single block of work. Our goal here one is to give your body a little break from the heavy squatting we’ve just done, but also get you guys working on speed, and high effort leg driven output. This will be fun, painful, and hugely beneficial to your training as a whole.


There won’t be any drastic changes here. For the Sport/Competition work we will be following a similar time domain/profile but with some different emphasis. We will be focusing on some Olympic skill specific drills each class, with an opportunity to go for some heavy lifts at the end of the lifting session. We’re hoping the skill work is able to get you really warmed-up for the opportunity to hit some heavy lifts, and also help you get more comfortable with the lifts as a whole.

For the Fitness programming we’ll be keeping things where they are making use of sleds, carries, etc. until the weather starts to turn.


The last 6 months we’ve been working in 4 week blocks on Gymnastics specific movements. We will continue to do this however we will be rotating weekly with the day’s being emphasized towards the specific movement pattern we are working that day.


As Is.


Sport/Competition programming will be setup like Tuesday but geared towards the Clean and Jerk.

Fitness programming will be built around Deadlifts and bringing in some Strength/Bodybuilding style work that opposes the Wednesday gymnastics programming in terms of movement pattern/plane.


As Is.

We hope that gives you all a little insight and idea of what comes ahead as we know many of you like to really know what’s going on and what’s coming up. We look forward to some awesome training through the rest of the summer and early fall.

– Jade, Dani and the rest of the CVCF staff