I like to try and give you guys a little heads up on programming whenever possible. I’ve missed getting the information out our last few shifts and want to give you guys a little heads up where we are going.

First, nothing is drastically changing. Part of what makes CrossFit so great is the constant variation, but at the same time having consistency and repetitiveness is also important. As summer is fully here, did we even get a spring, we’ll be making a little more of an emphasis on being outside. That means working in more carries and sleds in some work outs and of course running 2-3x week. In addition as we made a note of recently we’ll be now laying down a benchmark conditioning piece weekly. This could be anything from the classic “girls,” to a Hero workout, a mono-structural conditioning benchmark, something from within the CF community that we like, and something that I’ve personally designed or written. This gives you all something to test and re-test all the time to see where your fitness is.

So a brief break down of what the next 16 weeks will look like.


These days will stay as they always have, a lower body battering! We will be following a similar squat template going forward, focusing the next 8 weeks on just Back Squatting and Single Leg Work. As we’ve done in the past we’ll omit the use of your upper body on Monday’s and will also be taking out any pulling from the floor. You’ll see the conditioning pieces on Monday going to low skill, high output workouts with movements that are “easy” on the body. The comp programming will continue our structure as it has been with some additional conditioning work and accessory work on Monday’s. Something for some of you to think about. Many have found the Box Squatting to be very good, and for some with knee, low back issues, etc. they’ve found laying off going below parallel to be helpful and keep them feeling a little better. If that’s you, don’t be afraid to continue to Box Squatting.


On Tuesday’s we’ll be dropping back to our past setup from last year of Snatch and Clean and Jerk on both Tuesday and Friday’s. We’ve spent the last 8 months or so focusing one day on each movement. We’ll go back to hitting both movements twice a week. However the structure will be slightly different. Going forward Tuesday’s will be a skill development day for the lifts. Much like we’ve been doing a skill/light loading complex into a heavier complex, Tuesday will be the light day, focusing on more volume, lighter loaded complexes, Friday’s will be geared towards moving some more weight. In addition we’ll be moving our Max out days to just once every 8 weeks instead of once every 4 weeks. The competition programming will follow this, and it’s additives will remain the same…a warm-up EMOTM with some Skill based movements, and gymnastics works geared towards upper body pulling. The Fitness programming will continue as is with a little more of an aerobic effort than solely strength work with an emphasis towards hip hinge movements, jumping, and carrying in a variety of timed formats.


For many people there new favorite day of training. As has been, the Fitness/Sport and Competition programming will be structured vastly different. For the 95% of our athletes who follow the Fitness/Sport you’ll continue to see these 40 minute pieces with a myriad of parts to them. Some being more conditioning emphasis, others having more of an opportunity to work on strength pieces and gymnastics, regardless of what it is you can count on a 40 minute piece of consistent work. The competition programming will remain as is. Omitting full blown conditioning to give the body a little break, likely that will keep up until around December/January. We’ll continue to be doing some overhead/jerk work, and since it’s nice, making an effort to utilizes the outdoors and do some strongman odd object stuff, some barbell cycling work, finally continuing to have this emphasized as an upper body pushing gymnastics day.


No Change


As already alluded to above. The Sport/Competition programming will have a second day of Snatch/Clean and Jerk and a traditional CF Met-con. The Fitness Programming as we’ve been doing the last few months will continue on emphasizing some Upper Body Push/Pull strength development and trunk work.


No Change

I know many of you like to know what we’re up to so that gives you a little insight. Again no drastic changes, just some simple shifts in structure. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

– Jade