Wow, just like that we’re just over the half way point of summer and getting ready to gear up for the fall. We’ve got a handful of things going on at CVCF that we want to make sure you guys are all aware of, and of course would love to see you all participate in if you’re interested.


First up, while a little late, we wanted to make sure we got some new soft-goods out, specifically some tank tops. Hopefully we’ll have a great fall and they’ll get use through the fall, and if not, you can always rock your tank on Tank Top Tuesday anytime of year. Since moving to Push Press last year we haven’t yet made use of the pre-sale feature but we will be using this heavily going forward to help us make sure everyone gets what they want, and also so we’re not sitting on loads of extra apparel. The only unfortunate part is that this will require you to make multiple purchases if you’re getting more than one item, other than that this should be a big step-up from our Google Sheets sign-up in the past. We’re putting out a few different options, and sticking to some more basic, but also our most popular shirt colors from the past. Direct links to order are at the links below, deadline to place your order will be Sunday August 25th. There will be limited extra apparel ordered for stock for the gym, so if there is something you specifically want, make sure you order it ahead of time. Let us know if you have any questions. Direct links below to sign-up/purchase for each individual style of shirt (we aren’t doing anything in red, that just happens to be the color of the mock-up).

Racerback Tank Top – Women’s – HERE

Tank Top – Unisex – HERE

T-Shirt – Unisex – HERE

Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt – Unisex – HERE

Wodapalooza Online Qualifier

As many of you know we have decided to focus our efforts on the Wodapalooza Qualifier. However at this point we have very few people signed-up that we know of, so we will be making some slight adjustments to our schedule in how we will be participating in this. First and foremost, I believe, that if you’re going to participate in an online qualifier and are interested in going to an actual competition, this is the one. Not only is this a qualifier for Wodapalooza which is a great competition, and of course Miami is a fun place to go in February, but this is now also the qualifier for the Atlas Games which is right in our backyard in Montreal. While the Atlas Games will only play host to an Elite/Rx’d Division, they will have a number of Masters divisions, so those who are in these age groups, this would provide a great opportunity to extend your qualifier a little farther and hopefully go compete in Montreal. As a gym we are hoping to get at least a couple of athletes there as it would make for a great opportunity for both competitors and our gym members who love to go spectate and have a good time.

While we had originally planned to do the Wodapalooza Qualifier on Friday night’s like we have with the Open in the past, we’ve decided to make a change to this. While we want to keep driving the competitive atmosphere at CVCF, we also understand that the number of people interested in this is starting to dwindle, and it isn’t fair to the rest of the gym community to cancel classes week after week for a small group to participate in the qualifier (maybe you guys will prove me wrong and a bunch of you will sign-up). So, we will be moving the Wodapalooza Qualifier sessions to Saturday from 10:00 AM – Noon. After speaking with some athletes, and knowing the struggle it has been in the past for many people to get to the gym Friday night for the Open, we feel this is easier for people’s schedule and for many will leave them in a better position for optimal performance, not having to do the workouts after a long day/week of work. For those who aren’t participating we encourage you to hang out if you want, go get coffee after your morning workout and watch athletes go through the workouts and cheer them on.

You can sign-up for both the Wodapalooza and Atlas Games qualifiers at the link HERE. The way this will work if you’re doing both is that they are actually two separate qualifiers they are just choosing to share the workouts. So if you plan to do both you will need to sign-up and pay for both, and submit your scores to each of the respective leaderboards.

Lastly we will be playing host to the Week #2 WZA Online Qualifier announcement. This will be streamed live on Facebook, nothing too fancy, but the workout will be released and we’ll have some athletes get after it. The plan is to announce and get a first heat running at 7:00 PM. There will be a secondary live heat @ 7:20 PM, and then if any of our members would like to hop in and do the workout after that they can. We encourage you all to come in, hang out, bring a beer, and cheer on our athletes. Because of this we will be cancelling both the 5:30 PM and 6:40 PM class on Wednesday, August 28th.

If you have any questions regarding anything about WZA Online Qualifier please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Anniversary Party

Wow, where did time go, hard to believe CVCF will be 9 years old in just a few weeks. As has been on our schedule board for quite some time we’ll be doing an anniversary party on Saturday, September 7th, starting at 5:00 PM. As we’ve done in the past, this will be done potluck style. CVCF will be providing a myriad of things, beer, food, dessert, but ask that you bring something small, or big if you want, to add to the table. Any and everyone is welcome, spouses, kids, etc, we’ll make sure the Corn Hole and Beer Pong is setup and ready to go! We hope to revive what has been an awesome time in years past and hope to see lots of you show-up.

Bringing the Open Back

As most of you know we decided to opt out of the CrossFit Open in a formal manner this past winter for a whole handful of reasons. As gym owners we haven’t been thrilled about many of the drastic changes that have been made by CF HQ over the last year, but ultimately the goal with change is to create something better, and that seems to be the direction that at least the sporting side of CrossFit is going as more and more events and pieces of the puzzle are being run by outside organizations.

So, we will be bringing back the Open this fall in a more formal manner, but not the same. One of our decisions to do has come on the heels of the new that many of the new Sanctional events will be using the Open as their qualifier. Just like the Wodapalooza qualifier this will open up the option to qualify and participate at a myriad of events. Maybe ultimately this isn’t something that you’re interested in or you think is too far out of your realm, but I don’t think this is the case. I can’t even count how many members we have that have travelled great distances, off to exotic locations to run a Marathon, so why not a CrossFit competition. How cool would it be to go compete in Spain, across the country in California, Ireland, or one of the many other cool spots these Sanctional events have popped up at.

The CrossFit Open is set to kick off the beginning of October releasing the first workout Thursday, the 10th. As in the past it will span 5 weeks bringing us into the middle of November. Our main change this go around is that we will be scheduling it in the same manner as the WZA Online Qualifier. We will plan to host the the workouts Saturday morning’s starting at 10:00 AM, and will plan to go until Noon, or later as needed. This will allow us to keep our entire class schedule as is and not disrupt anyones normal training schedule, as well as give the opportunity for those who are interested in participating in the Open the change to do it in a more organized fashion. This will allow athletes to play around and test movements as needed on Friday after the workout has been released Thursday night so they can be prepared as possible for their go at the workout on Saturday morning.

Coaching Staff Adjustments

As most if all of you know at this point Ian had his last day coaching this past Friday. While we are sad to see him go, we wish him only the best and hope he and Lauren find everything they’ve had in Vermont and more out West. With Ian’s departure there has been a size-able hole left in the coaching staff/schedule. We are super pleased to announce that Laura will be joining us full-time and stepping away from a number of her duties with her swim team. Laura has been an amazing coach, competitor, and friend to all of us in some form and we are super excited to see her join us full-time.

In addition everyone’s favorite jokester, Tyler Sandoval will be leaving us at the end of September as well. If you catch him in here over the next month don’t be afraid to talk him up before he leaves. He will certainly be missed by many and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

If anyone has any general questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you’re interested in helping out with the WZA Online Qualifier or the CrossFit Open in a judging manner please let us know. We hope to see as many of you as possible involved with any and all of these events regardless of your age, ability, tenure at the gym, etc. etc.

We hope you have a wonderful day…Jade, Dani, and the CVCF Staff