As you all know we put out a schedule for the year of events which covers a good portion of the year except for right now. We’ve worked to get something put together which will be super fun for everyone. We’ve reserved Stowe Bowl, in Stowe to get some food and bowling in and a great time with everyone.


– Time 5:00-7:00 PM on Saturday, March 2nd. We can’t encourage enough, don’t show-up fashionably late. We have the entire venue reserved for us. However, at 7:00 PM it will open back-up to the public, so we’d encourage, if anything, you show-up 15-20 minutes early to maximize the time you paid for.

– Cost includes rental of the venue, ball, shoes, food, tax and tip. It won’t be a full dinner, but there should be ample food to snack on and possibly fill-up on if you want to, and we’ve specifically scheduled this at a time so people can go out to dinner afterwards if they like.

– Any members are welcome, along with any spouses and/or kids who’d like to come.

– We would greatly appreciate if you signed-up sooner than later so that we know this can happen. We need a minimum of 50 people to attend, and they have room for 125, we’d love to to sell out every spot as we know it’ll be a great time.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out. Again, we’d greatly appreciate that you sign-up sooner than later, to ease our stress of knowing enough people will attend so that we don’t lose our deposit. Hope to see lots of you there. You can sign-up HERE right through Push Press, or feel free to ask us to take care of signing you up when you come in for class.


– Jade + Dani