To start the New Year and new decade, as you all know we’ve made some shifts and changes to our programming structure. In addition you’ll all see some coaching/staff changes around the gym over the coming months. As we continue to evolve and change we are also hoping to be able to create some more permanent, career positions for another coach or two. Part of doing this means we will be starting to consolidate our staff. Have no fear, you’ll I’m sure see all the coaches in here, but you might find yourself training with them more often than being coached by them.

As January already comes to an end, this Wednesday will mark Betsy’s last night on the coaching schedule. Many of you know Betsy, and some of you may not dependent on when you come to class but she has been here since the beginning, helping with the start of CVCF back in 2010. We’re super thankful to have had her as part of our coaching staff, and if you’re still interested in being part of her classes you can catch her teaching Yoga at Second Circle on Pine Street. You’ll still see her in the gym regularly, but if you want to see her off for her last classes here at CVCF don’t be afraid to show-up for classes Wednesday night.