As always we like to give everyone a heads up when we make changes in the gym. First I want to thank everyone who was kind enough to give us their feedback in our survey earlier this year. While we always have an idea/vision/direction for CVCF, getting some feedback about what you are all looking for helps us fine-tune that vision in hopes of providing our gym community as a whole with the options you’re all looking for the most.

First up, we’ve decided to add another class to our schedule. Dani will be running our new “Core Mobility” class Wednesday mornings at 8:00 AM. This class will be a blend of Yoga, Mobility, Core and PT work. The class will be an hour long with a goal of helping your bodies feel “fresh” and providing a class that will help drive some self care as well as making you all more able and efficient athletes. This class can be done on it’s own and would be a great fit for those who are regular M-F people, hitting it hard M/T, then unwinding a little on Wednesday, and hitting it hard again TH/F, and lastly this class could be added in either pre or post class on Wednesday as an additional class for those who really like to get after it. If this class is a hit we’ll look to add it to our schedule elsewhere as well. “Core Mobility,” “Burn” and “Concept Cardio” will now fall under the “Sweat!” Umbrella for us. Our 3-Free Burn Classes for prospective members has now switched to 3-Free Sweat! Classes. Our goal over the next 12-24 months will be to continue to build out these services in the gym with the hopes of having 20-30 “Sweat!” classes a week with 3-5 different class models encompassing those 20-30 classes.

Next up, our introductory program. We’ve always counted on our existing clientele to help drive our new clientele. Why, because who better to workout with then your friends. Closing in on 9 years of business, and being involved with CrossFit since it’s early days we’ve seen a lot of changes and we’ve used those experiences and knowledge to re-vamp our introductory process. Whether you’re just interested about what we’ve changed, or you want to send this info to a friend you’ve been trying to get to sign-up, you can read more about our new Prep Course HERE.

A quick note for everyone. We’re in the process of having an entirely new website built. We’re hoping to be live by end of April, so you will all have something that is a littler more appealing to look at as well as something that is a bit more functional, especially on the phone!

Lastly, programming. As has been e-mailed to each and everyone of you, we’re coming into a structure change in our programming and class setup, so I wanted to give you all an idea of what to expect going forward.


  • Fitness/Sport – Nothing will change about our general programming structure on Monday. We have another 4 weeks of our single leg oriented strength program. In 4 weeks, we’ll be moving to a block of work that will be Part Bi-Later, Part Uni-Later, and Part Accessory, and after that we will move to a block we’re we are focused solely on Bi-Lateral Squatting again.
  • Competition – Not much will change here. We will move back to lifting on Monday’s again, focusing on just pulls and cleans, keeping the shoulders out of stuff as we’ve done. As a whole you’ll see more of the comp programming for the immediate future match up with our class programming.

Tuesday – 

  • Fitness –  The general format of programming won’t change here, but movements will slightly. For the first piece of class we will be focusing on “grunt” work moving forward. Carries, sled drag, odd objects, crawls, and walks.
  • Sport – After 12 weeks of Barbell Cycling work we’ll be making a switch to the Olympic Lifting format here for another 12 week block. We’ll be blending or two days from the last 12 weeks which have been barbell cycling and heavy complexes. Tuesday we’ll be a Snatch day only, we will be working to a heavy complex for the day and then performing what is called a “battery” test performing the day’s complex at a given percentage for max complexes. This will be an entirely new format for our classes and something that we hope will blend two very different stimulus together. This also gives those with lacking flexibility/mobility the ability to forgo Snatching one day and just work on the Clean and Jerk another day.
  • Competition – This will be a strength and gymnastics oriented day, following the same format as above for your Olympic work.

Wednesday – 

  • Fitness/Sport – As has been discussed in numerous classes and sent out to e-mail in everyone, we will be changing the format of Wednesday to a more gymnastics focus, along with some PT/Bodybuilding style movements for the upper body, and finishing with some mono-structural work. The setup will be very similar to what we’ve done the last 3 weeks, however we’ll be doing blocks of programming for the gymnastics focusing on a particular movement. For the next 4 weeks we will be spending time specifically work on developing rope climbs, through skill drills, strength work, holds, etc.
  • Competition –  This will be a bodybuilding and “easy” conditioning intensive day. “Easy” meaning movement that will be used are all things that are easy on the joints/body and don’t require positions with lots of flexibility, warm-up, etc. needed to perform them.

Thursday – 

  • Fitness/Sport – This is maybe where our biggest change has come. A large number of people in the gym wanted to do away with our Thursday EMOTM’s and a lot of people wanted more Burn options. This was our most efficient way of appeasing everyone without really losing anything. Going forward all classes on Thursday will be Burn classes (with Concept Cardio popping in the last Thursday of each month). We feel like to some degree we’ve basically flip-flopped our past Wednesday/Thursday structure. The goal with Thursday’s has always been to pick movements you’re not good at and work on skills…however for many that isn’t the case. So we’re hoping with this change in classes, many athletes will get gymnastics skill work in on Wednesday now, and Thursday will be the harder conditioning day that Wednesday once was. In addition for those who come M-F, having Wednesday’s class, which while not easy, shouldn’t leave you thrashed after class, and we hope this will break-up your week for programming a little. I also can’t emphasize enough for those who still want to do the old 40 minute EMOTM, there is Open gym during all of our class times so you’re welcome to still do this on your own. In addition, we will also be posting an active recovery day for people to do on their own as another option. A heads-up, that we will not be posting the Burn programming, because of the uniqueness of it, and the fact that we’ve already had other gyms “steal” our ideas/class design. On Thursday’s you’ll see the “Active Recovery” layout for that day posted, and the Burn programming will be seen once you come in. We can tell you that the Burn programming will be built specifically with Wednesday’s and Friday’s CrossFit programming in mind so that there won’t be any direct overlap.
  • Competition – Active Recovery as has been, no changes here.


  • Fitness – We will be starting a 12 week Bench Press and Deadlift program here. One thing I want to point out. For those who really have accurate maxes and push themselves on strength loading this program will be great and highly affective. For those who don’t, who like to work more moderate/comfortable weights, you’ll find this programming isn’t going to be a lot of work. For the programming on Friday for Fitness, we’ll be programming an accessory add-on, by choice, for the strength oriented work. If your someone who falls into the boat of keeping the weights more moderate and you don’t care as much about working heavy, we suggest you add this to your programming to get a little more out of your class. For those who are truly pushing the weights with the desire to increase their top end lifts, stick to just the sets/% that are written out. With a heavy dose of Squatting on Monday’s, and adding in a day where we are pushing some heavy loading in the Deadlift and Bench Press, the Fitness programming will be providing some great foundational strength work.
  • Sport – Programming here will mirror Tuesday, just in Clean and Jerk variation.
  • Competition – This day will be a mixed bag with a little bit of everything, and will be a high volume training day.


  • Fitness/Sport – No changes here. We will be programming in a team workout the last Saturday of each month going forward as this is something a lot of people wanted to see.
  • Competition – No real changes from our current structure.


As always we hope we give everyone a little bit of what they’re looking for. We know we can never please everyone with everything, but we hope with the resources and knowledge that we have, we can continue to provide you all with an amazing training environment with a handful of different options to keep everyone fit, healthy, happy, and interested. Thank you for your support and making our facility what it is.


Jade + Dani