*Come work on basic gymnastics positions with Dani this Sunday, the 9th from 9-10 AM in the back room. No sign-up required.


1) Every 1:00 x 12 sets – Split Jerk:

Sets 1-4 – 3 Reps

Sets 5-8 – 2 Reps

Sets 9-12 – 1 Rep

Goal is no misses. Work with loading that allows overall clean/proper movement patterns.

2) 3 sets of:

100ft Handstand Walk

10/8/6 Bench Press

100 Double-unders

5 Strict Paralette Handstand Push-ups

Rest 3 minutes between sets. Athlete chooses the load for the Bench Press, increase weight each set as the reps go down. For the Strict Handstand Push-ups, guys should have one Hi-Temp 45lb Plate with an Abmat, ladies one 45lb and one 25lb Hi-Temp plate with an Abmat. Scale as needed.

3) Assault Bike:

A – 3 x 40/30 Calories – 3 minutes Rest

B – 2 x 30/20 Calories – 2 minutes Rest

Perform these at high effort/sprint paces.

4) Mobility: 30 minutes

Spend time working on tight areas, there have been some heavy and demanding workouts the last couple of days, your body will likely thank you for doing this.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE