1) Every 1:30 x 10 sets: 2 Strict Press @ 50% + Moderate Band Tension

Weight and band tension should stay fixed for all 10 sets. Goal is speed on the bar. Make sure there is not too much tension. We suggest using a single band attached to the pins, and over the next 3 weeks you can move the pins lower and lower to add small amounts of band tension. Add a small amount of band tension over last week.

2) Clean Grip Bench Press: 8 sets of 4

Start at a moderate weight and build to a heavy set for the day. Rest 2-3 minutes between sets.

3) 10 rounds AQAP:

5 Paralette Handstand Push-ups 8/6″

10 D-Ball Over the Shoulder 100/70

Scale as needed.

4) 3 rounds AQAP:

50 Burpees

10/side Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch 70/53

Perform all Snatches on 1 arm before switching to the other.

5) Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Curl: 3 sets of 30

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets. Heavy as possible.

6) Hollow Rocks: 100 Reps

Break-up as needed.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE