*Week 5 Intramural Score Submissions HERE

**For Thanksgiving Week please be aware of the following schedule changes…

  • Wednesday, November 27th, 4:15, 5:30, and 6:40 PM Classes Cancelled (CVCF will close at 1:30 after the Noon Class)

  • Thursday, November 28th, ONE CLASS ONLY @ 9:00 AM

  • Friday, November 29th, 8:00 AM BURN CLASS ONLY, Open Gym from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


1a) 0:00 – 12:00 – Every 2:00 x 6 sets: 4 Pause 1+1/4 Front Squats

Warm-up as needed. Start with a moderate amount of weight. This drill will be very tough if you hold the pauses for a full 1-2 seconds at each position. For each rep Pause in the Bottom on the descent of the rep, come back up just past parallel and pause, then back to the bottom and pause, and finally stand-up tall to finish. Don’t work heavier than an 80-85% effort for the day.

1b) 13:00 – 21:00 – Every 1:00 x 8 sets: 2-3/side Single Leg Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift to Reverse Lunge

Perform the 2-3 reps on 1 leg and then switch to the to the other. Focus on balance and positioning over loading. 

2) 30 minute AMRAP:

400m Run

500m Ski Erg

1000m C2 Bike

Perform at 70-80% effort/Zone 3.

3) 4 sets of:

10 Hip Extensions +

20 second Hip Exntension Hold

Rest 90-120 seconds between sets. Perform the 10 Hip Extensions, upon finishing the 10th rep hold the top position for 20 seconds. Add load as deemed fit.

4) Low Plank Hold: 5 x 1 minute

Rest 60 seconds between sets.

5) Reverse Hyper: 3 sets of 20

Rest 90-120 seconds between sets. Heavy as possible.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE