Nutritional Coaching Services

As some of you may already know, this past fall I completed my level 1 Nutrition Coaching Certification through the Nutritional Coaching Institute founded by Jason Phillips.  My certification included a weekend packed full of class room time down in DC where we dived into the science and application of nutrition coaching.  The course was followed by two, three month long case studies to asses my knowledge base and application of material.  I worked with two badass ladies of CVCF who absolutely rocked it and taught me way more about this process then I ever could have asked for.  Shortly after starting up with my case studies word got out and I quickly found myself working with a solid little crew all in the pursuit of their own goals.  The feedback from this group has been unreal, we’re seeing body compositions changing, PR’s being crushed, proper recovery and an education factor (for myself) like no other.  Working with this group has been one of the most rewarding challenges I’ve ever faced.  For the first time I can actually say, the “work” I’m doing does not even come close to feeling like work – aka #nailedit

Backing up a bit, a little background, my career and formal education is not exactly in nutritional science (though there has been some of that as well). Currently, I work as a Process Engineer for a cosmetics company in Essex, with an educational background in Chemical Engineering.  While our cosmetics may not be edible, its still science and I heart science, big time.  Everything we put on or in our bodies breaks down to a molecular level and understanding that science makes the world and all of it’s subjects become a little bit smaller (chem joke pun absolutely intended).  Long story short, basically I just have a knack and odd fascination with science, of any kind, which did include a year long escapade of graduate work at UVM in Nutritional Science.  I absolutely adored the subject matter but had never quite figured out how to relate it to Chemical Engineering without selling my soul and becoming a food scientist.  Until I told myself to just go for it and signed up for the cert class almost a year ago and bam, I did it.

With the certification now complete and my client base started, I was recently approached by Dani and Jade about bringing my services more formally to the gym.  Obviously it took about two seconds for me to say yes and super stoked to be able to offer up coaching to the broader CVCF fam!  So, if you’re interested and on board to get serious about some goals (performance, longevity, health, aesthetics, or whatever they may be) and you’re willing to spend a little time listening to me babbling away about my beloved science – please hit me up!  I’m more than happy to share the knowledge behind the nutrition scripts and application with anyone who is up for it.

And a final thank you and huge shout out to Dani and Jade and supporting me through the process.  I wouldn’t want to set up shop anywhere else 🙂

– Callie Chapman

“Make and agreement with yourself and respect yourself enough to uphold it”

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Below is an explanation of both the services I will be offering as well as pricing information:


– Personalized nutrition plan based off of individual needs and goals
– Biweekly check ins in person or by phone (client preference)
– Personalized daily tracker (via google sheets) to follow macro progress and biofeedback
– Education: goal setting, tracking, meal building, food quality, meal timing, recovery and comp prep
– Unlimited communication via text, email, phone or in person as desire by individual between check ins

Pricing and Structure:

– $75 billed monthly
– 3 month minimum commitment required for start up (billed separately each month)
– month-to-month after the initial 3 months

** At least a one week notice required for cancellation


Sophie Larson

When I started working with Callie, I was working crazy hours, trying to get through grad school, barely getting by on too much anxiety and not enough sleep while trying to get stronger and train at a high volume. Knowing the situation was far from ideal, Callie helped me adjust the variables I could control to maximize my body’s ability to recover. There’s no doubt in my mind that the adjustments to my nutrition Callie suggested helped me avoid almost certain burnout. I feel stronger, leaner, and more prepared than ever for the upcoming season.

In addition to helping my adjust my day-to-day macros to maximize recovery, Callie has helped me understand how to fuel my body for competition. Following her advice during a comp, I was able to feel fueled and satiated through two full days of competition, and recover and get back to regular training much quicker after.

I have put 100% trust in Callie since day 1 and have nothing but positive things about my experience!Sophie

Jami LaCroix

Carbs by Callie

I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience working with Callie. I’ve tried a million and one things to get healthier/fitter/thinner. All of which had short-term results and left me feeling like I wasn’t disciplined enough to make it work. Working with Callie has been different. She’s explained to me why I’m at where I am, and why other things I’ve tried didn’t and will not work. I now know this isn’t going to be a short-term, quick-fix. It’s a process and she is there with me every step of the way. I can ask her all my stupid questions and with her “tracker” I keep her updated on how I’m feeling (both in the gym and in life), how I’m sleeping and my hunger level and in return she is constantly updating my plan to keep my progress moving forward. If I’m having a hard time hitting certain numbers or I’m not sleeping or feel crappy, she’s going to know right away and she’s going to work with me to fix the problem. I feel confident that she has an overall plan and it’s going to work because I have her support and she knows the science. I never feel judged or inadequate. She genuinely cares about me and my progress and it shows. It’s this great mixture of humor and knowledge that makes our meetings fun and useful. There is a ton of information out in the world with varying opinions on nutrition and fitness and it’s easy to get lost. Now that I have Callie leading the way I don’t feel lost. I know I’m traveling in the right direction. And the results I’ve seen, even in a short amount of time, show it! My body composition is changing – people have noticed and commented on it (and the number on the scale hasn’t changed much, which is what I would normally use as my “success gauge” – proves how wrong that is).  I’m hitting all kinds of new PRs at the gym and I feel great! And to top it off, I don’t feel like I’m missing out socially – I can still go out for dinner and drinks with friends and enjoy parties and holidays. So, if you’re looking to jump off the diet of the week bandwagon and make some real changes sign up with Callie!


Brandon Bizier

My name is Brandon Bizier and I have been doing crossfit for two years. Crossfit has always been so much fun for me, and if you’ve ever partook you know how hungry it makes you! Before starting a true macro nutrition plan I had no idea how much food I wasn’t eating, that I actually really needed! When I began crossfit I was about 195 lbs and eating only 2400 calories a day, slowly over time I realized it was not enough and worked my way to about 3000 per day which felt good, but still wasn’t enough. Callie has now introduced me to the real world of performance eating and I am finally fueling and recovering correctly!

After a few months of working with Callie I am PRing nearly everything! My lifts are going up, my engine is getting better, I am repeating sprint efforts extremely well, even my gymnastics abilities are improving! And, the gym isn’t the only place that I am excelling. I’m seeing improvements in my energy at work, I have more focus for my tasks and have noticed an overall mood improvement!

Remember, you are what you eat, so if you don’t know what your eating, you don’t know who you can become! Continuing with Callie as the open approaches, I know I will be ready!