Champlain Valley CrossFit – Fitness: Friday, September 14th, 2018


1) 21 minute EMOTM:

Minutes 1-7 – 10 Dumbbell Cuban Presses

Minutes 8-14 – 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Bench Press

Minutes 15-21 – 10 Banded Lat Pull Down

Cuban Presses keep it light, 5, 10, maybe 15lbs. Start from the fully extended hang position each rep.

Bench Press. Use this to build to a heavy single.

Lat Pull Down. Loop a band around a Pull-up bar, put a PVC pipe through seated on the ground, pull the PVC to your chest each rep.

2) AQAP:

30-24-18-12-6 Deadlifts 95/65

15-12-9-6-3 Burpees

Extra Work:

3) Tuck Crunches: 100 Reps

Keep track of time and number of sets to complete.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE

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