Champlain Valley CrossFit – Fitness: Friday, August 11th, 2017

*Open Gym will be 8-10 AM this Sunday, the 13th.

**Mike Molloy Nutrition Seminar Here

***All showers are good to go (although construction isn’t completely finished). Please note we are making an effort to keep our bathrooms spaces clean, if you leave your soap, shampoos, towels behind they will be disposed of.


1) Double Kettlebell Deadlifts: 5 Reps Every 1:00 x 7 sets

Warm-up as needed. Change weights each set as needed. Use a challenging weight, but something you can maintain.

2) Sled Drag: 50m Every 1:00 x 7 sets

Use a moderate weight, something you can move through quickly. Focus on staying has upright and flat footed as possible, engaging as much hamstring as you can.

3) Good Morning: 7 Reps Every 1:00 x 7 sets

Start light. Build as deemed fit. Focus on positioning over load.

4) 2-3-4 minute AMRAP – 1 minute Rest:

75 Single-unders

21 Shoulder-to-Overhead 65/45

Max Bar Facing Burpees

Rest 1 minute between each AMRAP. Score is total Burpees each round.

Extra Work:

4) Band Pull-Aparts: 100 Reps

Not for time. Switch between over and underhand every 10 reps.

For results post detailed weights, reps, times, thoughts, etc. for all work completed HERE

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