It’s Spring, well it was until the snow started dumping 60 minutes ago, when will it end, ah!

As we come into the Spring we are doing a little house keeping and cleaning, not with the physical end of the gym, but with our software management of all of our amazing athletes.

After almost 7 years on Mindbody we’ve found their system to be slower and slower, less and less functional relative to what is out there now, and their pricing has tripled since we starting using their product. So, it’s time to make a switch.

This morning all of our members should have received an e-mail from Push Press asking them to update their Credit Card information, this is not spam, so please, we’d greatly appreciate you updating your Credit Card information.

For some of you, you currently bill through ACH (directly to your checking account). This unfortunately is not available with Push Press currently but is coming down the pipeline…we will reach out to you all in the near future and hope as many of you as possible are willing to switch to ACH as it saves us (the “little guy”) a hefty amount of money (if everyone in the gym used ACH it would reduce our processing fees by about 70%) instead of sending your money off to the credit card companies, more of it will stay at CVCF to help pay for new equipment, rent, salaries, etc.

Lastly there will be some slight changes to membership prices with our new system. Moving to Push Press and starting from scratch we have decided to go to a %%% based discount system for all memberships outside of the 3 standard monthly billed options. What this means, ultimately not much, we’ve aligned the discounts so pricing is affected very minimally, however some of you may notice your membership increase by a few dollars, while others may see it decrease by a few dollars. There will be no more couples/shared memberships, instead discounts will be given on the individual rates for those coming as a couple or family. This will allow us to better track specific revenue per person, and overall make billing a little cleaner. What this does mean, that for those who for instance pay a couples plan, you will now receive two individual bills. This means there is a potential to save money if one person in the relationship wants and Unlimited Plan for instance, while the other might only want 3x/week. In addition, this will allow and individual within the couple to independently freeze their membership (if it is for any extended period of time, 30 days plus, then the individual un-frozen will kick back to full pricing). If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The discount rates going forward will be laid out as such…

– Couples (2) – 15% off their respective memberships

– Family (3+) – 20% off their respective memberships

– 6 month Unlimited Membership – 10% off the price of 6 months (if done as a couple an additional 15% will be given)

– 12 month Unlimited Membership – 20% off the price of 12 months (if done as a couple an additional 15% will be given)

– 65+ Membership – 20% off

* You may not combine membership discounts on monthly bills, for instance doing a couple and 65+ netting a 35% discount. You may combine the two discounts on any advance payment 6 or 12 month memberships.

Our current plan for our full change over is that this system will go live May 1st. Ultimately this should change nothing about your experience, hopefully improve it a little, and will only ease the back end work that we have to do. With that being said there will be changes and likely some hiccups so please bare with us through this process.

If you’re curious and want to check out Push Press you can do so HERE.

In the meantime if you have any specific questions about the transition please reach out to Jade.