Parking Issues

I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of this situation and can hopefully do your part to help remedy it. We’ve recently had the property manager of 1193 South Brownell Road tell us that clients from our business are not allowed to park in their lot and that they will tow cars. As far as we can tell from talking with the town, the lots are deemed a single lot (this actually includes the Edge as well), it is not there’s solely to park in. In addition there is no signage stating that clients of a specific business can/cannot park in the lot. Unfortunately we have someone who has chosen to create an issue where there is none, solely because they can. While the lot is rarely more than 5o% full, they’ve chosen to make a big deal about it even though, our overflow into their lot happens when their businesses aren’t even open. Ah, gotta love people putting negativity into the world just because they can when there is no issue. With that said we are encouraging that if you park in the lot at 1193 that you at least park on the roadside, not directly in front of their building. In addition, our neighbor to the right, Get Air, is another option. They frequently make use of our parking lot when we don’t need it, which is fine, so I would encourage those of you who come to classes at 7:00 AM and 4:30-6:00 PM, if our main lot is full, park in the Get Air parking lot as they have little to no business during those times during the week. Finally, once it is nicer, and the doors are open always feel free to park behind the building and come in the back. This “issue” was brought to our attention in the last month or so, while the property manager has yet to actually tow anyone, and I and my landlords believe that if she does it will actually be illegal, there is no saying that she won’t in the future. Our landlords have stated that if anyone gets towed they will help out with any legal/financial ends of the issue but I’d like to hope that this just won’t get that far. So again, if it’s busy, I’d encourage you all to park either behind our building or in the Get Air Lot before parking in the lot at 1193, and if you do park in the lot at 1193 please make an effort to park on the road side and not right in front of the building. I appreciate everyone’s understanding with this issue, please let me know if you have any questions on the subject.


– Jade

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