New Classes Starting June 6th

We are super excited to announce that we will be adding some new classes to our schedule. As we continue to grow as a business and community we are constantly looking for valuable new ways to expand our offering and make this the best possible place for you all to exercise. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have also seen, heard, and read a lot about the fitness landscape. While traditional CrossFit will always be out bread and butter, we understand that some of you would love to see some different options at Champlain Valley CrossFit. We recently added our Movement and Aerobic Capacity class. In addition we understand that for some past, present, and current members, our traditional CrossFit classes aren’t an ideal fit.

These new classes will be something quite different, and they will also lower the barrier of entry into our facility as they will require NO On-Ramp course. Anyone can come jump in on a class, anytime. For the last 5+ years we’ve depended on you, our members to help grow Champlain Valley CrossFit. You enjoy our facility, and services, and want your friends to do it with you. In an effort to help grow our business but to also help you guys get your friends in here, we are going to offer the first 3 CrossFit Burn Classes free to any new/prospective members. Unfortunately for now our scheduling with these new classes will be limited, but we’ve added them in our most desired time slot, that you all, the Champlain Valley CrossFit community asked for, 8:00 AM. Our hope is that these classes grow in popularity, help us attain some new clients, and in doing so, will allow us to take over some additional space in our building and start to offer these classes, along with some others we have up our sleeves, at a variety of times throughout the day, just like our traditional CrossFit classes. While we have handful of classes in the works we will be starting by adding the two below.

CrossFit Burn

This class is a blend of CrossFit and Boot Camp. No barbells, all conditioning, all go. Read more about CrossFit Burn HERE.

Assault Spin

You guessed it, a Spin class on the Assault Bikes. We’ve got a huge cycling community, and plenty of people who Spin, so why not make it a little tougher and do it on an Assault Bike. Read more about Assault Spin HERE.


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