Fall 2016 Soft Goods Order

It’s that time of year, time to pick up some warmer clothing for the winter. This will be our only run of gear until Spring time so whether you’re looking to pick-up something for yourself, or a Christmas gift for someone make sure you sign-up accordingly. While we will be ordering a handful of extra T-shirts for stock, the other items will be sign-up order only. We aren’t ordering extras if you don’t sign-up there won’t be something for you. All you need to do is put your name and size down, we’ll take care of billing you for them when they come in, in December. Order is going in Monday, November 28th so that they’re here well before the Holidays. You’ve got two weeks to put your name down, but why wait, do it now!

All items are laid out in the pictures except for the long sleeve t-shirt hoodie. This is the same item we printed on two years ago that so many of you love. Print for the long sleeve t-shirt will be the same as the t-shirts, a single sided print.

You can sign-up at the link HERE…colors should be self explanatory, but if it’s not the background in the cell is the shirt color and the text is the text color. Please be mindful of which tab you are on so you make sure you are signing up for the right item. Lastly please be mindful not to erase someone else’s input and leave them without their order. All items printed on are unisex…most women are a size Small, smaller ladies should go for the X-Small.

hoodies sweatpants t-shirts

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