Drop-In Visits

Thanks for your interest in dropping into Champlain Valley CrossFit. If you’re interested in dropping in we’d love to have you if you’re currently and consistently CrossFitting at another affiliate, or on your own at home. If you’d like to Drop-in feel free to come to any of our current class times listed here and please show-up early enough to meet the coach running the class. If you show-up late please don’t expect to be able to just jump into class, so please show-up on time and be respectful of both our Coaches and Athletes in class. We would greatly appreciate if you fill out a waiver ahead of time and sign-up for class, click here, create an account in our Mindbody system and “purchase” the “CVCF – Visiting CrossFitter 1st Time Drop-In” option and sign into the class you’ll be attending. We do not run Open gym except for Sunday’s, we are a big, busy gym, so please don’t expect to do your own thing. If you are a competitive athlete with a strict program that you follow feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. We’re happy to have you but please come in with the expectation of joining our group classes. Our policy for Drop-ins is the following:

1st Drop-in – Free, it’s on us
2nd Drop-in – Buy a T-shirt (if we have the appropriate size) or $20
3rd Drop-in – $20
If you’re coming beyond 3 times we prorate week unlimited sessions at $50/week.


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail us here!
We looking forward to meeting and working with you.
– The CVCF Crew