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Summer Shirt Order – Red, White, and Blue

Summer shirt order is going in 8/1/16. If you’ve lived in Vermont long enough you know August and September are often our hottest months, so get your tank tops now. If for whatever reason you’re not able to figure out the Google Docs shoot us an e-mail or ask us in class and we’ll put you down for what you want. All shirts are $25. Men’s Tank, Women’s Muscle Tank, Unisex T-Shirt, Women’s T-Shirt. In the Google Docs there is a link to the actual shirt that is getting printed on. Sign-up HERE!

Unisex T-Shirt Canvas Tri-Blend

Mens and Women’s Unisex T-Shirt

Mens Keeper Vintage Tank

Men’s Tank Top

Bella Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank

Women’s Muscle Tank

New Classes Starting June 6th

We are super excited to announce that we will be adding some new classes to our schedule. As we continue to grow as a business and community we are constantly looking for valuable new ways to expand our offering and make this the best possible place for you all to exercise. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have also seen, heard, and read a lot about the fitness landscape. While traditional CrossFit will always be out bread and butter, we understand that some of you would love to see some different options at Champlain Valley CrossFit. We recently added our Movement and Aerobic Capacity class. In addition we understand that for some past, present, and current members, our traditional CrossFit classes aren’t an ideal fit.

These new classes will be something quite different, and they will also lower the barrier of entry into our facility as they will require NO On-Ramp course. Anyone can come jump in on a class, anytime. For the last 5+ years we’ve depended on you, our members to help grow Champlain Valley CrossFit. You enjoy our facility, and services, and want your friends to do it with you. In an effort to help grow our business but to also help you guys get your friends in here, we are going to offer the first 3 CrossFit Burn Classes free to any new/prospective members. Unfortunately for now our scheduling with these new classes will be limited, but we’ve added them in our most desired time slot, that you all, the Champlain Valley CrossFit community asked for, 8:00 AM. Our hope is that these classes grow in popularity, help us attain some new clients, and in doing so, will allow us to take over some additional space in our building and start to offer these classes, along with some others we have up our sleeves, at a variety of times throughout the day, just like our traditional CrossFit classes. While we have handful of classes in the works we will be starting by adding the two below.

CrossFit Burn

This class is a blend of CrossFit and Boot Camp. No barbells, all conditioning, all go. Read more about CrossFit Burn HERE.

Assault Spin

You guessed it, a Spin class on the Assault Bikes. We’ve got a huge cycling community, and plenty of people who Spin, so why not make it a little tougher and do it on an Assault Bike. Read more about Assault Spin HERE.


Spring Clothing Order

We’ve been a bit behind getting this together, but we’re getting some new tops printed. Sorry ladies and gents, just T-shirts and 3/4 Baseball Tees for now. Order will be going in this coming Monday, May 9th. Everything is being printed on Bella Unisex Shirts, same thing we’ve printed on for years so sizing is the same as the past. Please put in your order on the Google Docs spreadsheet HERE. 3/4 Basebell Hawks T-shirts will be as pictured (note the shirt will be Red with Red Print not, Pink with Pink Print). We will be printing the Hawks Logo also in T-shirts in the same color scheme as the “Plain” shirt. Don’t wait, put your name down, it’ll take 60 seconds, don’t wait, forget, and then miss out.

Hawks Mock-Up Final

Plain Shirt Mock-Up Final

CrossFit Movement + Aerobic Capacity Class

Movement and Aerobic Capacity

Coach Jason Wolstenholme will be leading this new class at CVCF.

15 min of Movement instruction for the Endurance athlete and anyone looking to gain better understanding of how their bodies should be able to move.

25-35 minute Aerobic conditioning/Met-con designed to help individuals find their ideal aerobic training zone. This will be outside and use a combination of Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Agility and of course, Running.

Why Is This Type of Training Important?

If CrossFit is your only exercise you are building an amazing engine that runs on mostly glycogen (sugar). While this is in short supply, you probably don’t run out unless you are doing a WOD like Murph. The two factors that probably slow you down the most are the acidic environment around your muscle cells and your brain anticipating you will run out of sugar.

Training in your aerobic heart rate zone is beneficial in a number of ways.

  • It teaches your body to use fat as fuel.
  • Over time it increases the number of mitochondria in your muscles. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells cranking out ATP, the primary fuel for cell activity.
  • It Increases circulation. This means that as you train or compete in an anaerobic zone, your body is able to clear lactic acid away from the working muscles more efficiently. This allows for longer near-maximal efforts.

In plain English, rowing at a lower intensity can improve your Fran time and running can improve your 30 front squats for time.

* You do not need to be a CVCF member to join this class. Any and All Drop-In’s are welcome.

New Programming Block – 4/4/16

We just finished off a block of programming this past week, and then Open also ended last week. What the means, we are jumping into a new block of programming. Often, after certain blocks of programming we take 1-2 weeks to hit a bunch of “random” stuff, but we are going to be jumping right back into another block. While I don’t program our gym for the Open, that doesn’t mean we don’t focus on specific movements and elements throughout the year. As always we are looking to help turn you all into well rounded fit athletes.  The Fitness programming will be more geared towards our foundational movements, improving raw strength, and keeping the skill side of things lower. The Sport programming will continue to embody the wide range of what CrossFit has to offer including most everything there is aside from the high skill gymnastics. Lastly the Competition programming will continue to encompass, well, basically everything.  Rarely is there much of an emphasis on any one particular thing in the Competition programming. I generally believe that you should be focusing on all things, all the time as a CrossFit competitor, with maybe a slight bias towards a certain element depending on your weaknesses. That is of course up to you to figure out, and for now, the Competition programming will be broad and inclusive with a relatively large amount of volume. Everyone will continue training on a 3 Week On, 1 Week Off schedule in terms of Volume. Below is a basic outline of what you can can expect for the coming future, i.e. 12-16 weeks. Have fun.


Monday – Front Squat (Variations), Single Leg Strength, Lower Body Met-con

Tuesday – Posterior Chain Strength Movements + “Grunt” Work + Mixed Met-con

Wednesday – Upper Body Pressing + Mix Upper Body Accessory Work + Mixed Met-con

Thursday – 40 minute EMOTM

Friday – Linear Periodization Deadlift Program + Accessory Work + Mixed Met-con

Saturday – Long Met-con


Monday – Front Squat (Variations) + Single Leg Strength + Lower Body Met-con

Tuesday – Snatch + Clean + Jerk + Mixed Met-con

Wednesday – Upper Body Pressing + Mix Upper Body Accessory Work + Mixed Met-con

Thursday – 40 minute EMOTM

Friday – Snatch + Pull Accessory + Mixed Met-con

Saturday – Long Met-con


Monday – Cleans + Front Squat (Variations) + Single Leg Strength + Lower Body Met-con + Posterior Accessory

Tuesday – Conditioning + Snatch/Overhead Squat + Mixed Met-con + Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning

Wednesday – Jerks + Bench Press + Deadlift + Interval/Battery Work + Aerobic Conditioning + Upper Body Accessory

Thursday – Active Recovery

Friday – Squats + Snatch + Pull Accessory + Mixed Met-con + Posterior Accessory

Saturday – Snatch + Clean and Jerk + Mixed Met-con + Mixed Met-con + Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning