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Parking Issues

I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of this situation and can hopefully do your part to help remedy it. We’ve recently had the property manager of 1193 South Brownell Road tell us that clients from our business are not allowed to park in their lot and that they will tow cars. As far as we can tell from talking with the town, the lots are deemed a single lot (this actually includes the Edge as well), it is not there’s solely to park in. In addition there is no signage stating that clients of a specific business can/cannot park in the lot. Unfortunately we have someone who has chosen to create an issue where there is none, solely because they can. While the lot is rarely more than 5o% full, they’ve chosen to make a big deal about it even though, our overflow into their lot happens when their businesses aren’t even open. Ah, gotta love people putting negativity into the world just because they can when there is no issue. With that said we are encouraging that if you park in the lot at 1193 that you at least park on the roadside, not directly in front of their building. In addition, our neighbor to the right, Get Air, is another option. They frequently make use of our parking lot when we don’t need it, which is fine, so I would encourage those of you who come to classes at 7:00 AM and 4:30-6:00 PM, if our main lot is full, park in the Get Air parking lot as they have little to no business during those times during the week. Finally, once it is nicer, and the doors are open always feel free to park behind the building and come in the back. This “issue” was brought to our attention in the last month or so, while the property manager has yet to actually tow anyone, and I and my landlords believe that if she does it will actually be illegal, there is no saying that she won’t in the future. Our landlords have stated that if anyone gets towed they will help out with any legal/financial ends of the issue but I’d like to hope that this just won’t get that far. So again, if it’s busy, I’d encourage you all to park either behind our building or in the Get Air Lot before parking in the lot at 1193, and if you do park in the lot at 1193 please make an effort to park on the road side and not right in front of the building. I appreciate everyone’s understanding with this issue, please let me know if you have any questions on the subject.


– Jade

The Open Is Coming

It’s that time of year again, the CrossFit Open is just around the corner, 3 weeks to be exact until the first workout will be released. Champlain Valley CrossFit has been fortunate enough to take part in this event every year since it has started in 2011, and even more fortunate to have some amazing athletes that we’ve been able to cheer on every year that have made it all the way to the CrossFit Games. We truly do have one of the best gyms and communities in the world, and we also have some of the best athletes, literally, and that’s pretty damn cool!


Each year I write a post about why you should sign-up for the Open, but not this year. Why, because frankly plenty of you shouldn’t. These are just some of my observations as and affiliate owner, the manager of the Open for our gym, and an active participant.


The CrossFit Open is a pretty damn amazing thing. We’ve seen countless people get first movements, push themselves to a  level they didn’t know was possible, and possibly most cool, participate in what I believe is the largest single sporting event in the world with some 300,000+ people participating. You can see how you match up within your gym, state, region, country, and world, against your friend in Europe, or against the best CrossFit Games athletes out there. I can’t think of anything else you can do that in. I will once again participate in what will likely be my poorest performing CrossFit Open yet. I’ve been sick now a couple of times that last 6 weeks, we’ve been renovating the gym which requires massive amounts of time, labor, and stress on my end, all of this leads to very little training on my part, I’ve got two 10 day periods in the last 6 weeks where I haven’t exercised at all. However that’s not going to stop me from participating, I’ll do the best with my physical abilities at the time and take it for what it is. You will never be “prepared” for any kind of CrossFit competition, there is always something you can be better at, something you could have spent more time working on, etc. etc. That’s what makes CrossFit so hard, addicting, and exciting. So don’t let your current state of fitness, your time CrossFitting, your lack of certain movements, or any of those other garbage excuses keep you from signing up. For 95% of people at CVCF if they signed up, there is going to be something they can’t do. Who cares, you scale and move on, just like you do in likely every single workout in the gym every day. If you want to see how you stack-up, give yourself something to compare to next year, participate among your friends, peers, and some of the best athletes in the world, and have a fun Friday night likely screaming, crying, and maybe $hitting your pants all in the same hour then sign-up. Experiences like that are what makes live worth living, getting outside of your comfort zone, experiencing something others simply cannot.


Now if you’ve done the Open before and hated it then don’t sign-up. It’s not for everyone. For the past 4 years, while our actual gym community has grown, our participation in the Open has continued to dwindle from a peak of 130 participants or so in 2013. Why, for a countless number of reasons. Some of you may do CrossFit everyday, but there are plenty that work very much in there comfort zones, and that’s fine. However know that if you participate in the Open, I’m 99.99% sure you’l get pushed outside of your comfort zone…in my eyes in a completely good and healthy way, but you just may not want that. You have to show-up at a specific time, on a specific day, and likely wait around at least a little bit. It causes stress, there is no way around it, you’re sign-up for a competition, all competitions are stressful in there own way. The Open is not convenient for you, and if your live revolves around what’s most convenient than this likely won’t work for you and that’s fine.


So sign-up for the Open. Whether you’ve done it before and love the extra thrill you get watching Thursday night waiting to see what the workout is, and then waiting all day with jitters and nerves pumping to do the workout, judged, under a microscope to see if you really are hitting depth on your squats, are you really counting your reps right in daily workouts, how hard can you really push. But if you don’t want to participate in the Open don’t, if you can’t make the dates work, don’t turn your life upside down, stress yourself out, and put yourself in a panic all to find out your 137,589th place in the world.


With all that being said, if you’re planning to participate in the Open a handful of guidelines below for you all. Myself and the other coaches have been completely taken advantage of many times over the years by those participating in the Open, we’d love to see you participate, however it is not our job for 5 weeks to drop what we’re doing at anytime during the day to come judge you. So bare in mind the following below.

– As we’ve done for years our CrossFit Open session will be Friday night from 4-7/8 PM (if we are done by 7 PM we won’t be waiting around to see if someone shows up at 8 PM. Depending on the workouts we’ve finished before 7 PM and run all the way until 8 PM). This is your main opportunity to come in, do the workout with your peers and get judged. If this doesn’t work for you, your other opportunity will be on Sunday during Open gym. The coach on hand at Open Gym can judge you, or someone from the approved judging list can help you.

– If you can’t make either of the above times work you are out of luck at least in terms of the CVCF staff helping you out. If you can’t make those times work you have two other options. You can video yourself doing the workout in the backroom or get someone from the approved judges list to judge you in the backroom. If you are doing this, please be respectful of the other classes going on and the 60-70% of the gym that likely won’t be participating in the CrossFit Open. The CVCF staff will be on hand to judge you Friday Night, and Sunday Morning, aside from that, there job is to run classes and coach, not cater to a specific schedule you have to do your workout. It’s 2017 people, we all have smart phones you can video your workout very easily.

– There is an approved judging list HERE. If you’d like to be added to this list please reach out to Jade. Being added to this list will hinge on whether you’ve taken the CF Judges course, as well as your history as a CrossFitter and judging. We pride ourselves on good movement standards and want that upheld. If you submit a score that is not judged by someone on the list it WILL NOT be validated. If you want your score validated it must be judged by someone we know and trust to uphold the movement standards.

– Re-do’s will not be allowed for anyone unless they are in a position to help boost the Champlain Valley CrossFit Team score, or are in a position that you may make Regionals (top 20), or Masters/Teen (top 200) qualifier. If you want to play around with movements, and practice things, then please do so ahead of time, you don’t get a practice run and then an additional go at it the next day. Please be respectful not only of everyones time at the gym, but also that there will likely be around 100 athletes that need to perform the workout and be judged, there is not time for everyone to do it twice.

– If and when you register make sure you select Champlain Valley CrossFit as both your Affiliate and Team.

– Feel free to bring, friends, beer, food, whatever you want on Friday nights and hang out, whether you’re participating or not. Details aren’t put together but we will do some sort of party the final Friday night of the Open.


If anyone has any questions or concerns please reach out to Jade. We all look forward to another painful, exciting, and successful CrossFit season.

Fall 2016 Soft Goods Order

It’s that time of year, time to pick up some warmer clothing for the winter. This will be our only run of gear until Spring time so whether you’re looking to pick-up something for yourself, or a Christmas gift for someone make sure you sign-up accordingly. While we will be ordering a handful of extra T-shirts for stock, the other items will be sign-up order only. We aren’t ordering extras if you don’t sign-up there won’t be something for you. All you need to do is put your name and size down, we’ll take care of billing you for them when they come in, in December. Order is going in Monday, November 28th so that they’re here well before the Holidays. You’ve got two weeks to put your name down, but why wait, do it now!

All items are laid out in the pictures except for the long sleeve t-shirt hoodie. This is the same item we printed on two years ago that so many of you love. Print for the long sleeve t-shirt will be the same as the t-shirts, a single sided print.

You can sign-up at the link HERE…colors should be self explanatory, but if it’s not the background in the cell is the shirt color and the text is the text color. Please be mindful of which tab you are on so you make sure you are signing up for the right item. Lastly please be mindful not to erase someone else’s input and leave them without their order. All items printed on are unisex…most women are a size Small, smaller ladies should go for the X-Small.

hoodies sweatpants t-shirts

Winter Sniffels

It’s that time of year again. I’d like to take just a minute to formally address being sick and training. At some point each and every one of you are going to get sick throughout the winter. Some of your are courteous enough to stay home and rest, while other comes in coughing, sneezing, dripping  snot and nastiness everywhere.

First a foremost, if you’re sick, coming into the gym and training is not going to help you get better. Sweating it out is a great way to help yourself get better when you’re sick…however that sweating it out refers to sitting in a Sauna, not going to the gym and further beating your body down weakening it’s immune system. That’s right, when you train, while ultimately exercise helps  you be fitter, stronger, healthier, etc. it also does beat your body down and weaken your immune system for a short period of time. That’s fine when you’re healthy, but if you’re currently sick, exercising is not going to help you get any better. You WON’T lose all your fitness from days, or even a couple of weeks off, in fact if you’re a 5-6 day/week exerciser a week off a couple of times a year will do your body some good. If you’re that much of an addict and you have to train, hit a 100 Burpees for time at home, do a 20 minute AMRAP of going up and down your stairs, there is something you can do at home that will get you breathing and working up a sweat.

I understand that CrossFit and the gym is very much a social environment for most of you, and that’s a big part of why you come. I can tell you however, that your friends don’t want you there sneezing, coughing all over them nor do the coaches and rest of the individuals in the room.

Lastly with only 2 full-time employees at the gym if we get sick, it leaves us in a pretty crappy situation of not only having to work longs hours while under the weather, but continuing to spread the disease to others as we don’t have the option of calling out sick to work, working from home, etc. etc.

So, please, if and when you get sick, please stay home. Your fitness won’t leave you, nor will your friends. Your body will ultimately thank you, and myself, the rest of the coaches, and the 300 athletes that train at Champlain Valley CrossFit would all greatly appreciate you leaving your sickness at home.

– Jade

Summer Shirt Order – Red, White, and Blue

Summer shirt order is going in 8/1/16. If you’ve lived in Vermont long enough you know August and September are often our hottest months, so get your tank tops now. If for whatever reason you’re not able to figure out the Google Docs shoot us an e-mail or ask us in class and we’ll put you down for what you want. All shirts are $25. Men’s Tank, Women’s Muscle Tank, Unisex T-Shirt, Women’s T-Shirt. In the Google Docs there is a link to the actual shirt that is getting printed on. Sign-up HERE!

Unisex T-Shirt Canvas Tri-Blend

Mens and Women’s Unisex T-Shirt

Mens Keeper Vintage Tank

Men’s Tank Top

Bella Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank

Women’s Muscle Tank