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Spring Clothing Order

We’ve been a bit behind getting this together, but we’re getting some new tops printed. Sorry ladies and gents, just T-shirts and 3/4 Baseball Tees for now. Order will be going in this coming Monday, May 9th. Everything is being printed on Bella Unisex Shirts, same thing we’ve printed on for years so sizing is the same as the past. Please put in your order on the Google Docs spreadsheet HERE. 3/4 Basebell Hawks T-shirts will be as pictured (note the shirt will be Red with Red Print not, Pink with Pink Print). We will be printing the Hawks Logo also in T-shirts in the same color scheme as the “Plain” shirt. Don’t wait, put your name down, it’ll take 60 seconds, don’t wait, forget, and then miss out.

Hawks Mock-Up Final

Plain Shirt Mock-Up Final

CrossFit Movement + Aerobic Capacity Class

Movement and Aerobic Capacity

Coach Jason Wolstenholme will be leading this new class at CVCF.

15 min of Movement instruction for the Endurance athlete and anyone looking to gain better understanding of how their bodies should be able to move.

25-35 minute Aerobic conditioning/Met-con designed to help individuals find their ideal aerobic training zone. This will be outside and use a combination of Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Agility and of course, Running.

Why Is This Type of Training Important?

If CrossFit is your only exercise you are building an amazing engine that runs on mostly glycogen (sugar). While this is in short supply, you probably don’t run out unless you are doing a WOD like Murph. The two factors that probably slow you down the most are the acidic environment around your muscle cells and your brain anticipating you will run out of sugar.

Training in your aerobic heart rate zone is beneficial in a number of ways.

  • It teaches your body to use fat as fuel.
  • Over time it increases the number of mitochondria in your muscles. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells cranking out ATP, the primary fuel for cell activity.
  • It Increases circulation. This means that as you train or compete in an anaerobic zone, your body is able to clear lactic acid away from the working muscles more efficiently. This allows for longer near-maximal efforts.

In plain English, rowing at a lower intensity can improve your Fran time and running can improve your 30 front squats for time.

* You do not need to be a CVCF member to join this class. Any and All Drop-In’s are welcome.

New Programming Block – 4/4/16

We just finished off a block of programming this past week, and then Open also ended last week. What the means, we are jumping into a new block of programming. Often, after certain blocks of programming we take 1-2 weeks to hit a bunch of “random” stuff, but we are going to be jumping right back into another block. While I don’t program our gym for the Open, that doesn’t mean we don’t focus on specific movements and elements throughout the year. As always we are looking to help turn you all into well rounded fit athletes.  The Fitness programming will be more geared towards our foundational movements, improving raw strength, and keeping the skill side of things lower. The Sport programming will continue to embody the wide range of what CrossFit has to offer including most everything there is aside from the high skill gymnastics. Lastly the Competition programming will continue to encompass, well, basically everything.  Rarely is there much of an emphasis on any one particular thing in the Competition programming. I generally believe that you should be focusing on all things, all the time as a CrossFit competitor, with maybe a slight bias towards a certain element depending on your weaknesses. That is of course up to you to figure out, and for now, the Competition programming will be broad and inclusive with a relatively large amount of volume. Everyone will continue training on a 3 Week On, 1 Week Off schedule in terms of Volume. Below is a basic outline of what you can can expect for the coming future, i.e. 12-16 weeks. Have fun.


Monday – Front Squat (Variations), Single Leg Strength, Lower Body Met-con

Tuesday – Posterior Chain Strength Movements + “Grunt” Work + Mixed Met-con

Wednesday – Upper Body Pressing + Mix Upper Body Accessory Work + Mixed Met-con

Thursday – 40 minute EMOTM

Friday – Linear Periodization Deadlift Program + Accessory Work + Mixed Met-con

Saturday – Long Met-con


Monday – Front Squat (Variations) + Single Leg Strength + Lower Body Met-con

Tuesday – Snatch + Clean + Jerk + Mixed Met-con

Wednesday – Upper Body Pressing + Mix Upper Body Accessory Work + Mixed Met-con

Thursday – 40 minute EMOTM

Friday – Snatch + Pull Accessory + Mixed Met-con

Saturday – Long Met-con


Monday – Cleans + Front Squat (Variations) + Single Leg Strength + Lower Body Met-con + Posterior Accessory

Tuesday – Conditioning + Snatch/Overhead Squat + Mixed Met-con + Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning

Wednesday – Jerks + Bench Press + Deadlift + Interval/Battery Work + Aerobic Conditioning + Upper Body Accessory

Thursday – Active Recovery

Friday – Squats + Snatch + Pull Accessory + Mixed Met-con + Posterior Accessory

Saturday – Snatch + Clean and Jerk + Mixed Met-con + Mixed Met-con + Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning

The Open Is Here

Yeah that’s right, can you believe it, the Open is already here. Wow time flies, it seems like just yesterday my nerves were jacked up thinking about what the workout was going to be, waiting on pins and needles on Thursday night. This will be Champlain Valley CrossFit’s 6th year competing in the CrossFit Open. That’s right, the 6th year, we’ve partaken in the Open every year that it has run, and have been fortunate enough to be graced with some incredible talent in our gym. That incredible talent has helped get individuals and teams to the Regionals and the CrossFit Games every single year we’ve participated, and I’m confident we’ll do the same again this year. I don’t think there are more than a handful of gyms in the world that can say the same.

With each year of the Open comes the same chit chat and mumblings throughout the gym. Some are pumped to sign-up, some are scared $hitless, and some use the age old excuse of I’m not in shape enough or I’m not ready. You will never be ready, that’s just the way it is, whatever the workouts are, they will always put you outside of your comfort zone, they will be difficult for you, and they will open your eyes to what you’re truly capable of and also what you really need to work on. You will never be ready, because you can always be better tomorrow than you are today, that’s just the way it is. The best athletes in the world “aren’t ready,” because they, just like you, continue to improve day after day. So cut the crap on not being ready, you’re as ready as you’re ever going to be, maybe your not in the same shape you were last year, who cares, I know I’m in that boat, I’m still going to hit every workout, every week with everything I have and the end result will be the same as last year, I’ll know what I need to work on, know that I’m capable of performing better, and it will help push me in my training.

Why should you sign-up for the Open. Well frankly, because it’s an experience! One that for many of you who weren’t high school or college athletes, that is unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Yes it’ll be nerve racking, it may make you want to run to the bathroom or cry, but I guarantee after the 5 weeks are done you’ll be happy you did it, and you’ll come out a changed person. Seriously, you’ll be mentally stronger, you’ll be a little grittier, and you’ll be more attached to this awesome community at Champlain Valley CrossFit then ever before. And how could you not want to be part of such an amazing TEAM. Seriously, we have some of the best athletes in the world that represent Champlain Valley CrossFit, and represent the team that is CVCF and you can call yourself part of that team, part of that group, you can workout beside them, have them cheer you on, and cheer them on. That’s a lot cooler than yelling at your TV and talking about how “your team” did so great at the game this weekend, “your team” that you actually have no connection to aside from the damn TV. Come on people, sign-up, come in Friday night, work hard, yell a little at each other, and have a beer afterward. We’ve had, and continue to have some of our most physically challenged athletes sign-up for the Open, so get out of your own head, you CAN do it. It’ll be nerve racking, it’ll be hard, but it will also be immensely rewarding.

A few notes for the upcoming Open…

  • We will run the Open workouts Friday night, starting approximately 4:00 PM and running until around 7:30 PM. We will run heats at intervals dictated by what the workout is. There will be a sign-up on the TV’s in the gym. Heat assignments will be first come, first serve. This is your guaranteed opportunity to perform the workout and get judged. If you can’t come in Friday night, you can come in Sunday during Open gym, there will be an extra coach on, and you get can get anyone who is willing from the Judges list HERE to judge you. With some 100+ people participating we unfortunately can’t bend to everybody’s perfect schedule. If you can’t make it Friday night or Sunday morning then it’s probably not happening. Sorry.
  • If you come in Friday night feel free to bring in some beer or food. CVCF will provide some drinks in the fridge for after you workout, but any donations would be appreciated. Please don’t come in, hit the workout and leave, hangout, cheer on your fellow competitors and have fun.
  • Retesting workouts. If you would like to retest the workouts that’s awesome! With that said we will only be allowing judged re-tests for those that are either in a position to help boost our team score, are in a qualifying position for Regionals, or are working to move up the leaderboard for the Master’s Online Qualifier. If the past dictates the future, we will likely have 100+ people signed up for the Open. If you’d like to re-test one of the workouts that’s awesome. However if you’re not in one of the above positions you will need to do it on your own time and can video record it. Everyone under the sun has a smartphone these days, and it’s extremely easy to record your workout and submit your score via video submission. While the Open is an awesome event, it is also a very stressful time for the coaching staff and gym, and we don’t have the manpower or time to have 100 people re-test their workouts. Come Monday please be mindful that the gym schedule will be back to normal, classes will go on as normal, and we expect that everyone respect the needs of the gym community as a whole in participating in classes on Monday.
  • I have always taken our standards in our gym very seriously, we teach you all how to perform every movement to the higheststandard possible. To make sure these standards are upheld, this year we will only be allowing certain individuals to judge. If you perform the workout and are not judged by one of the individuals on the judge’s list (this will be up by next Friday), your score will not be validated. While we work to make sure you all understand proper range of motion, we’ve seen in the past certain individuals not have the best eye, or be “nice” and let certain things slide with athletes that are really struggling with certain movements. If you can’t perform a movement you won’t get the reps, clear, simple, and FAIR!
  • As many of you know we will be looking to send a team to Regionals again after missing one last year. For all who are interested. To be completely CLEAR, no one has a guaranteed spot. I’ve already heard certain individuals talking about how they can’t wait until they get to compete at Regionals. No one has been given a spot yet, and no one will receive a spot until the appropriate time comes. We have a relatively deep group of Men and Women, and there are probably 5-6 Men and Women who could comprise a team. Our Team roster will be picked based upon Open Performances, Performance in the Gym, training leading up to Regionals, body health, as well as competitive experience. I will make the initial roster and from there with a some input from the coaches and athletes we will decide upon a final team roster.
  • So with that, I know a bunch of people have already taken the CF Judges course. While I won’t require that to be a judge to help in the Open, depending on the individual, it’s a great thing to do to just hone-up your eyes. The coaches will be helping out with judging, but anyone else who would like to help out with Judging it would be greatly appreciated so that we aren’t spread so thin. If you’d like to be added to our judging roster please let myself (Jade) know.


I think that’s about it. Get pumped. It’s going to be an awesome year, we’ll see PR’s, first Pull-ups, heavier weights than ever before, and you’ll get to be part of a truly amazing TEAM! Now go SIGN-UP!

4 Week Running Clinic/Class

Starting this Tuesday, February 9th, we will be hosting a 4 class (1/week) running class. This class is open to anyone who is looking to improve upon their running and understand more about the technical side of running (yes we know it’s winter, but we have a TrueForm Runner). Anyone is welcome to attend, including non-members. You MUST sign-up ahead of time, if you sign-up and NO SHOW you will be charged a $20 drop-in fee. Details about the class below.

 Tuesdays at 6:40 pm

Class Size – Capped at 8 Athletes

Cost – Members (a regular class on your membership), Non-Members $20 Drop-in Fee.

Dr. Jason Wolstenholme will be leading this class designed to help you improve efficiency, comfort and speed while reducing the chance of injury. You will learn to identify your specific weak links and fun, new exercises correct them.

Format of the class:

15 min of warm mobility and stability instruction

15 min. – running techniques and posture cue practice

15-30 min. – practice on the Trueform

Class size is capped at 8 to allow individual attention.

Dates are the following…





Sign-up for the class on our Mindbody portal here, you can find the class right in the normal daily schedule.