Sarah V.

Sarah V Testimonial PictureI’m a 34 year old medical student- aka. a nerd. I never used to think of myself as an athlete. In fact, I hated exercise until I came to CVCF. I used to force myself to work out either because someone else forced me to do it, or to look better, and it didn’t work very well as my heart wasn’t in it. When I started medical school I found that I was so focused on school, I started to gain weight and stopped taking care of myself because it was so hard to keep up. Then I had to start buying bigger clothes and became so tired I started to struggle in school and couldn’t keep up with the 22 year olds. Finally I decided it was time to do something, not because I wanted to change how I looked, but because I knew I needed to be healthier..

My first week doing On-Ramp with Dani, I could barely run across the parking lot and all I could pick up was the PVC pipe. It was embarrassing, but I kept going because, somehow, they made it fun and they were so supportive of me and never made me feel like I was less than anyone else. Then my test scores started to get better. I wasn’t tired anymore and didn’t need coffee to get through the day. I could run without wanting to puke, and my test scores kept going up. I started coming as much as I possibly could, and now, 2 years later, I am 6 dress sizes smaller, I move faster, I am more confident, and I think faster! My grades have never suffered, they’ve only continued to get better. I have not sacrificed any of my education to be a healthier, happier person. I was the girl in gym class that the other kids picked last and now I can climb a rope and do “boy” push ups. Instead of barely keeping up, I am now the person at school that other people compete with. I am an athlete.