Participating in the Open

As you hopefully all know by now, CVCF will not be formally participating in the Open. With that being said if you’d like to participate and do the workouts we think that’s great. We have registered the gym, and you will be able to perform workouts and submit scores to be validated that are performed in the gym at CVCF. For those who would like to participate in the open this is the general breakdown and what your options are.

  • Performing the workout…back room whenever the gym is open and there aren’t classes going on in the back room. In addition you can perform the workout on Saturday’s during the Open Gym session, or Sunday during Open Gym. PLEASE do not expect to be able to just do the workout in the main space if classes are going on.
  • Judging. If you’d like to do the workout under the watch of a judge and submit your score great. You must have someone who has taken the Judges course for 2019, or someone that is approved by Jade or Dani as a judge. Please note the coaches aren’t here to judge your workouts, they are here to teach classes. Please find someone who isn’t a coach that has either completed the Judges course, or who has significant judging experience (please ask Dani or Jade before hand if you go that route). If you have someone who judges you who is not approved to judge, your score will not be validated.
  • Video submission. If judging isn’t an option feel free to break-out your handy smart phone to video your workout and you can submit your workout via video submission.

If anyone has any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


– Jade + Dani

CVCF Stowe Bowl!

As you all know we put out a schedule for the year of events which covers a good portion of the year except for right now. We’ve worked to get something put together which will be super fun for everyone. We’ve reserved Stowe Bowl, in Stowe to get some food and bowling in and a great time with everyone.


– Time 5:00-7:00 PM on Saturday, March 2nd. We can’t encourage enough, don’t show-up fashionably late. We have the entire venue reserved for us. However, at 7:00 PM it will open back-up to the public, so we’d encourage, if anything, you show-up 15-20 minutes early to maximize the time you paid for.

– Cost includes rental of the venue, ball, shoes, food, tax and tip. It won’t be a full dinner, but there should be ample food to snack on and possibly fill-up on if you want to, and we’ve specifically scheduled this at a time so people can go out to dinner afterwards if they like.

– Any members are welcome, along with any spouses and/or kids who’d like to come.

– We would greatly appreciate if you signed-up sooner than later so that we know this can happen. We need a minimum of 50 people to attend, and they have room for 125, we’d love to to sell out every spot as we know it’ll be a great time.

If you have any specific questions please feel free to reach out. Again, we’d greatly appreciate that you sign-up sooner than later, to ease our stress of knowing enough people will attend so that we don’t lose our deposit. Hope to see lots of you there. You can sign-up HERE right through Push Press, or feel free to ask us to take care of signing you up when you come in for class.


– Jade + Dani



New Squat Cycle

We’ve mentioned in class the last week that we will rotating into a different block of squat work. Going forward for the next 12 weeks we will be focusing predominately on Single Leg work on Monday’s. Something we have certainly made a part of our Monday programming in the past but not the dominant force. With this block we’ll be looking one to strengthen up your legs in a uni-lateral fashion which will hopefully help work out some in-balances, but also this will give your body a break by stepping back from the heavy loading, at least in terms of squatting for a little bit.

Through this block you will have 3 strength oriented pieces on Monday that will look like this….

1 – Base:

This is our large mover and building block movement for the 12 weeks. We are still looking for you guys to load heavy for the movement we are doing. This movement and rep scheme will not change for the 12 week cycle. The rep scheme will be 5 sets of 4. We will be doing a linear periodization for this movement, the first day will basically look to build to an 80-90% effort and then each week we will build on this until failure. So your first weeks sets might look like this…

Week 1 – 135, 145, 155, 165, 175

From there each week we will be doing either a 2.5lb increase (if your sets average under 100lbs), and a 5lb increase (if your sets average over 100lbs). So week 2, 3, 4, and so on would look like this.

Week 2 – 140, 150, 160, 170, 180

Week 3 – 145, 155, 165, 175, 185

Week 4 – 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, and so on.

Over 12 weeks, 11 weights jumps, this will give some substantial room to tack on some weight. Given we’ve never done a linear periodization with single leg work, and this will be “new” to everyone, I think it will work well. If you’re not able to progress for the entire 12 weeks, you might then start working to bring up your lower set weights instead of the top end. After say 8 weeks, and the above example, the individual would be at.

Week 8 – 170, 180, 190, 200, 210

For week 9 if the individual truly feel like they’re tapped out, and can’t push any higher than the goal would be to work to bring the bottom sets up. So for this individual the last 4 weeks might look like this.

Week 9 – 175, 180, 190, 200, 210

Week 10 – 180, 185, 190, 200, 210

Week 11 – 180, 185, 195, 200, 210

Week 12 – 185, 190, 195, 200, 210

There are obviously a few different ways to approach this if you max out and aren’t comfortable going heavier before the 12 weeks is done, but that would be one manner where you would keep your top end the same and start bringing up the bottom sets.

2 – Builder:

This is meant to be a complement movement to the base. The Base will be worked in a 12 week cycle. The Builder will be a 4 week cycle, honing in on a movement for 4 weeks, looking to get more comfortable and stronger with it. So we will go through 3 different builder movements over the course of the 12 weeks. All of these will paired with some sort of tempo. Instead of reading tempo in the traditional strength training methodology, which confuses many, or tempos will be read as such…

Initiation – Transition – Return

These are the 3 phases of any movement that isn’t being thrown. There is an initiation phase, a transition where the movement changes direction, and a return to the start position. For our first “Builder” movement for instance we will be using a tempo of 3-0-1. This would mean 3 seconds Down/Intiation, no pause at the Transition, and a 1 second Return back to the top of the movement. 

3 – Accessory

Lastly we will have an Accessory movement to round out the strength session. This will rotate weekly and we will hit 12 different accessory movements over the course of the 12 weeks.


We hope this provides you with something a little new and different, and we also believe that you will get a lot out of focusing on a large amount of uni-lateraly work over the course of the next 12 weeks. While you won’t have any heavy squatting going on the next 12 weeks, you very may well find yourself coming back significantly stronger with your bi-lateral squat movements.

– Jade + Dani

2019 Events Schedule

For 2019 we’ve been working to build out an events schedule for the year so that people can plan accordingly and get involved if they are interested. We hope that you all hop in and take part in something. The first large event on the calendar for us will be our new, and hopefully yearly, internal Throwdown. We’ve thought about trying to last minute put a winter party together, however it might be a little late for that. With that being said if anyone has any ideas, that would be easy to throw together, please let us know. What we have below fills out our year pretty well, we may add something else small, but we hope this gives you all an opportunity to get involved with an event with the gym community.

Sunday, April 14th – Spring Cleaning

While not much of an “event,” this is something that we ask if you’ve got an hour or two to spare to help us clean-up the gym a little we’d greatly appreciate it. Getting 100 people in the gym and going to town is hugely helpful, and gets a TON done in a short period of time. We’ll provide donuts, coffee, and some cleaning supplies. We could always use an extra couple shop vacs, and any specific cleaning supplies you might like to use. While we will have some specific projects that we’ll delegate people towards, if there is something that you really would like to get after please let us know.

Saturday, June 1st – CVCF Internal Throwdown

We’ve talked about this for a while, but are finally ready to make it happen. This should be super fun, and we’d love to see tons of you get involved. We are planning an internal, members only, Throwdown. There will be no age divisions, however we will be programming a Scaled and Rx’d division, which will fall closely in-line with our Fitness and Sport programming in terms of difficulty/loading. Each division, Scaled and Rx’d, will be split into teams (chosen at random), and your entire team’s results on each workout will contribute to the teams total score. If there is any confusion, all the workouts will be done as an individual, and your placement will contribute to your teams score. We’ll still host a class at 8:00 AM Saturday morning, and then promptly kick-off the first workout for the Throwdown at 9:30 AM. There will be 3 workouts total, that every athlete will do. Our goal, is to have things wrapped up by around 3:00-4:00. After the workout we will have Beer provided and we’re going to ask that everyone brings a dish for a potluck and beer afterwards. Cost will be somewhere around $30-40, which will pay for T-shirt, Beer, and misc. costs involved with putting the event together. Depending on those looking to volunteer, we’ll either have a dedicated set of judges, or athletes will judge each other. We will work on getting sign-up live as soon as possible. If you’re interested in partaking just as a judge, please reach out and let us know. We’ll also likely need 1-2 score/record keepers to help with data entry, if you’re interested in helping with that role please let us know.

Bring a Friend Summer Series @ 5:45 PM

Friday, June 28th – WOD + Wine: This session will be a warm-up with a team oriented 20-30 minute conditioning piece. Bring friends in, we’ll post a specific sign-up ahead of time for any non-members and members alike so we know how much Wine and Snacks to provide.

Friday, July 26th – Intro to the Barbell + Beer: This will be an introductory class to the barbell, specifically how to Deadlift. This session will provide a break-down and instruction on how to Deadlift, followed by a strength oriented Deadlift session, and a short Met-con to finish. Again, anyone is welcome, and we’ll plan to walk over to Burlington Beer Company afterward to get Food and Beer as desired.

Friday, August 23rd, 2019 – WOD + Potluck/BBQ: Similar to the first session of the summer, this will be a team oriented, longer conditioning piece. We’ll provide some grill meat and beer for afterwards, and ask that you add something to the menu potluck style.

Saturday, September 7th @ 5:00 PM – Anniversary Party

We’re putting the date out way ahead of time as this has notoriously been a tough time of year for people, but hopefully most or all of you can make it. CVCF will provide the space, beer, some food, and we ask that you bring something, potluck style to help round out the menu. We’ll have more specific details as this date gets closer.

Wodapalooza Qualifier – September/October

This is something that we don’t have exact dates on, but assuming that it corresponds to a similar schedule as the last 6 years, we should see this sometime in Mid-September to October. With our departure from the CrossFit Open, we still wanted to keep that competitive spirit alive in our gym, while participating in an event that is even more inclusive than the Open, and also gives athletes from Scaled to Elite (Individual or Team) the opportunity to continue to pursue the competitive spirit by actually qualifying for Wodapalooza and going to compete in Miami in January. We hope to get a large portion of our membership base signed-up for this event, and if all goes well, hopefully we’ll have a crew of people, in a variety of divisions, headed to Miami in January 2020. The Wodapalooza Qualifier has traditionally been 3 weeks long which makes this a little less stressful as you only really need to set aside 2 weeks that you need to be home for, instead of 4. We will do the workouts Friday Nights, starting around 5:00 PM, and encourage everyone to come in, whether you are participating or just watching. After the 3rd week we’ll plan to have a Potluck/BBQ as we should be able to have all doors open during this time of year and we hope, overall it makes for a better experience at a better time of year than the Open.

Winter Party – November/December/January

This is again something we don’t have an exact date on yet but we’d like to do sometime in late fall to the middle of winter. Location, food, music, all yet to be decided. It would be great if you all could give us feedback on if you want to do something like we’ve done in the past, a little more upscale at the $40-50/person price point, or if you’d prefer something less fancy, maybe less food, etc. etc. closer to the $20-25/person price point.

Monday, January 6th, 2020 – 6 Week Health and Wellness Challenge

We are working on putting together exact details for this over the coming months, but, if you’re interested, plan on there being an in-house, Health and Wellness Challenge to start off next year.

If you have any questions, specific, general, whatever they may be please don’t hesitate to ask. We hope this gives you guys a little guidance and some things to look forward to for the coming year.


– Jade + Dani

The Open Is Coming…And We Won’t Be Participating

That’s right, you read it right, we won’t be participating in the CrossFit Open this year, at least not formally.

Since the Open started in 2011 we have been involved as a gym and participated every year. We saw our participation balloon to over 150 people in 2013/2014 and since it has dropped drastically, to less than 50 people actually completing all 5 weeks of the workouts last year. In the past, for many, I know having Regionals is what really spurred much of our attendance. Not because you all had a chance to qualify, but because the prospect of our individuals competing, getting a team in as well, really gave our community something to rally behind. As you all should know at this point, Regionals is gone. There is no more qualifying a team, there is no more individual competition at the Regional level, the only thing the Open will do this year is automatically qualify the best in each country, and the top 20 in the world. We strongly feel these changes are going to be the demise of the Open. As can be seen above, our attendance in the Open has declined dramatically, and now without Regionals, many of our non-competitive members who participate in the Open have said their interest is even  more lost given that there is no second step after the Open for people to get excited for.

In addition to the overall lack of importance of the Open now, I mean come on, do you really care if you’re the 107,384 fittest person in CrossFit, with such low attendance, it doesn’t make sense for us to cancel our classes Friday nights all for what might only be 30-40 people this year. With a gym community of over 300, we’ve decided it doesn’t make sense to cancel classes and prioritize for the 10-15% of the gym that is participating.

Now, can you still do the Open, absolutely! We will still be registering our affiliate so athletes can submit and have scores validated, but this will no longer be our focus. For those interested in participating in the Open they will be able to do it on their own time under the eye of anyone who has taken and passed the CrossFit Judges course. As always we will also be doing the Open workout in class each Friday.

Does this mean we’re done with qualifiers and competitions, absolutely not!

There has been a pretty big shake-up in the CrossFit world when it comes to competition, and unfortunately CrossFit HQ has said done a very poor job of keeping everyone informed, professional athletes, gym owners, etc. For us our decision to “cancel” the Open has come down to where we would rather see our money and time spent. With the Open essentially meaning nothing for all but the very best, in the past this was still relatively true, but in any given year we typically would have 15-20 different athletes in our gym contribute to our team score, we usually had a handful of Masters making it to the second qualifying round and our community had Regionals to look forward to as well. This is all gone now (Masters will still be part of the Open, but CrossFit still has yet to release actual specifics of what that will look like).

So, going forward, we aren’t done competing, but we will be focusing our efforts towards event(s) that are a little more inclusive and provide more opportunity for the gym as a whole. While we will likely hone in on a second competition, but for right now, for the year of 2019, or efforts in terms of online qualifiers and competitions will be focused towards Wodapalooza.

Having been to Wodapalooza on 3 different occasions I can tell you that it is an exciting and big competition, in a place, that in the middle of January is great to go to. Wodapalooza also has avenues for literally all levels to compete. Instead of doing the Open and then packing it up until the next year, Wodapalooza provides and avenue to participate in an online qualifier (and only 3 weeks long instead of 5), and has 4 different divisions, Elite, Rx’d, Intermediate, Scaled, and has these divisions for both individual and team competition (they also have masters, teens, and adaptive). What this means is that you can participate in the online qualifier, and if you do well enough actually go compete. The first year we went I believe we had 8 athletes competing and it was a ton of fun. Instead of handing your money and time over to the Open, which leaves you with nothing aside from your worldwide placement, by handing over your money to Wodapalooza for their qualifier you get an opportunity to pick multiple divisions, you have the opportunity actually compete at the event whether you’re a beginner or elite athlete, and they give back to the community in the qualifier by giving equipment prizes to the gyms with the most participation.

Assuming that Wodapalooza stays on the same schedule you can expect a qualifier sometime in September and then the competition in January. 

We wanted to keep you all informed and didn’t want people to be shocked when they heard we wouldn’t be participating in the Open. This decision will hopefully lead to a revival in our online qualifier participation by giving athletes the actual incentive that they can shoot down to Miami in January and compete in a super fun competition with hopefully another 10-20 people from Champlain Valley CrossFit.

If you guys have any questions about our decision please don’t hesitate to ask.

– Jade