Assault Spin

Assault Spin Classes will start the week of June 6th

Do you like Spinning, awesome, Assault Spin is the next step, Spinning on Steroids. There’s a reason Airdynes are referred to as “Satan’s Tricycle” because they truly are horrible, and lets fact it, if you’re going to the gym you’re there to work, so why not work just a little harder. While not a new tool to the fitness landscape, having been around for some 30+ years, these machines are becoming popular because of there simple use and design, and effectiveness in creating a big cardio vascular punch. What’s better is that Champlain Valley CrossFit has a fleet of them.

Spinning blew up some 20 years ago and is continuing to grow, we all know what it is. Our Assault Spin just brings a new, and more difficult flare to what is already huge worldwide. Using Assault Bikes for our Spin classes we get a couple of great additions to our classes. On the Assault Bike you use your arms, yes that’s right your arms. Most avid spinners, who aren’t avid cyclists don’t realize how important a strong upper body is for cycling, especially for those who are mountain bikers. In addition when creating well rounded fitness how can you just leave your upper body out of the equation, for those who solely spin for exercise you’re missing a big piece there. Secondly the Assault Bikes run on air. What we mean is that there is no fiddling with dials, adjusting resistance, etc. etc. It’s as simple as possible, you want to work hard, pedal harder, there will be more air resistance there. Last but not least, unlike most Spin bikes, our Assault Bikes have monitors that read wattage, output, heart rate (if you have a strap, etc). What this means is accountability. Hard to know if you’re making progress in a Spin class if you don’t actually know what your output is. In our Assault Spin classes you’ll be able to track your output and when it’s time to go hard, you’ll really know if you’re going hard as the monitor will be staring you in the face telling you exactly what kind of energy you’re putting into the machine.

Our Assault Spin classes are currently only offered 1 Day/week, Tuesday at 8:00 AM. Because of limited units, classes are capped at 10 athletes. If you’re currently a member at Champlain Valley CrossFit please sign-up for class ahead of time. If you’re not currently a member at Champlain Valley CrossFit please shoot us an e-mail HERE your first class is on us and we will sign you up accordingly. Come in and join our 20 year veteran Spin instructor Hans Jenny for an intense spinning sweat fest.