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To sign-up for the group On-ramp classes please click on the link for the respective start date that you’d like to attend.

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We are super excited that you’ve decided to research CrossFit and have checked out our website and are interested in joining Champlain Valley CrossFit. CrossFit is an amazing program, community, and culture, and given some hard work and dedication you will reap amazing rewards from it.

What is On-Ramp

On-Ramp is an introduction course to CrossFit that runs 10 classes over the course of 4 weeks. Some CrossFit affiliates require no On-ramp, while others require only a session or two, and some, like us require an extensive On-ramp course. We have an extended On-ramp program because we don’t want to waste your time or our own. We feel that in 11 classes we can give you a good understanding of the movements we use, the lifestyle we follow, and get you interested and attached to the awesome community we have. Any shorter we feel it’s tough to really show you everything. In addition these 11 classes allow the coaches at Champlain Valley CrossFit to get a good understanding of what you are and aren’t capable of, where your difficulties lie, and where your strengths are. This allows us as coaches to give you proper and efficient attention given your abilities during class. Without any On-Ramp we have seen people get frustrated, overwhelmed, and generally don’t give CrossFit the chance it deserves. The On-Ramp course starts with the absolute basics like how to Squat, it brings you threw many of the CrossFit Fundamentals like Thrusters and Kettlebell Swings, and finishes with a 2 class introduction to the Clean and Jerk and Snatch. From there you’ll have a class that is a lifting session, a review session, and finally and outro class with our on site Physical Therapist about body health, care, etc.

With your enrollment and payment of On-Ramp, you are covered for your 11 On-Ramp classes, and a 2 month Unlimited Class membership that becomes active at your first On-Ramp class. Champlain Valley CrossFit only takes on a limited number of new athletes each month (just 6) so that we can limit how many new athletes will be in our daily classes. Because of this there are limited spots for On-Ramp. You must sign-up and pay in advance and can do so by either coming into our facility or by clicking the link on the desired date at the top right of this page.

On-Ramp classes run once a month, typically starting the first Monday of every month. Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:40 PM. While we highly encourage and recommend that you take part in the group On-Ramp sessions, we understand these times don’t work for everyone. Your other option is to do 4 One-on-One sessions with one of our trainers (which includes 1 month of unlimited membership from the date of your first private session). While our time slots are limited we can work to accommodate most any schedule. If you would like to do Private On-Ramp classes please e-mail us.

– Group On-Ramp cost is $250

– Private On-ramp cost is $300 ($250/person if there are two or more athletes scheduled together)

On-Ramp is required by all new athletes. If you are a CrossFitter who has just relocated to the area or you’ve had experience with plyometrics, power lifting, Olympic lifting, and body-weight movements you can test out of the On-Ramp classes.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail us. In the meantime as a prospective member we feel it is beneficial to read this article to learn a little more about Champlain Valley CrossFit and watch the videos below to get an idea of what you should expect from our gym. If you would like to sign-up for the group On-ramp you can do so by clicking here where and will be taken to our MindBody page. Once there create an account.